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Polymerization On Demand with New and Improved Tetric EvoCeram

March 8, 2011
by Ivoclar Vivadent

Amherst, NY – Ivoclar Vivadent is pleased to introduce a New & Improved version of the clinically proven Tetric EvoCeram nano-optimized composite.  Improvements to this already popular composite filling material offer dentists such benefits as extended working time under ambient light combined with faster curing times, new shades with enhanced shade matching qualities and improved handling properties.  As a result, Tetric EvoCeram reduces the application time necessary for completing direct composite restorations.

Tetric EvoCeram resolves many issues dentists typically encounter with conventional composite materials, including their tendency to polymerize before restorations are fully contoured.  A special additive incorporated into the photo-initiator system allows Tetric EvoCeram to be less reactive to ambient light while remaining highly reactive to curing lights, so the material won’t cure until after placement, and will polymerize quickly once exposed to a curing light.

The material’s highly esthetic appearance and natural shade blend result from nano-sized fillers which minimize light reflection and improve polishability.  Furthermore, the fillers used in Tetric EvoCeram exhibit the same “refractive index” as the monomer, rendering them virtually invisible, creating an exceptional chameleon effect that allows Tetric EvoCeram to blend well with the patient’s natural dentition.

Backed by studies involving both anterior and posterior restorations, Tetric EvoCeram demonstrates the longevity and durability required of direct composites.  Used in more than 90 million restorations over the past 6 years, Tetric EvoCeram has become a worldwide leader in dental composite materials.

ABOUT IVOCLAR VIVADENT At Ivoclar Vivadent, vision, passion, and innovation are the driving forces behind the company’s customer-centered products—such as Multilink® Automix resin cement, BlueLine Esthetic Denture Teeth, and the Odyssey® Navigator diode laser—and its leadership status within the dental industry. For nearly 100 years, Ivoclar Vivadent has been uniquely positioned to respond to the needs of both clinicians and laboratory professionals by providing beautiful and functional prosthetics, preventive materials, and direct restoratives, among other innovative technologies. The company develops, manufactures, delivers, and supports the quality products that dental professionals worldwide have come to know and trust, remaining steadfast in its commitment to offer only sensible and clinically proven options to meet today’s esthetic restorative demands. The company’s most noteworthy products includes IPS Empress®, the world’s leading all-ceramic brand that ushered in the Esthetic Revolution™ in the 1990s, and IPS e.max®, a singular restorative system that harnesses the opportunities available to dental professionals today through Esthetic Digital Dentistrysm.

For more information, call 1-800-533-6825 in the U.S., 1-800-263-8182 in Canada.

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