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ProPackTM SC Single Patient Kit

May 26, 2011
by Kerr**

SybronEndo, the leader in innovative endodontic products, is excited to announce the availability of the ProPack SC. ProPack single patient kits contain virtually all the consumables required for a root canal – including pre-sponged hand files and rotary NiTi files, lubricant, paper points and obturation material all with color coded, step-by-step instructions.

Designed to provide general practitioners with convenience and ease of use, ProPack eliminates much of the guess work and hassle of ordering, stocking and finding the right materials for root canal procedures.

ProPack SC is the first of the ProPack system to launch and is packaged with Soft-Core® obturation. Available in packages of 6, designed to treat most anterior or posterior cases.

“Since most root canals are not prescheduled, I need to be prepared on the spot. With ProPack, I know I have all the products I need in one convenient kit and I’m ready to go.”  – Dr. Tony Soileau, Lafayette, LA

To learn more about ProPack, please visit us at sybronendo.com. To order call SybronEndo at 800.346.3636, contact your local representative or your authorized SybronEndo dealer.

SybronEndo is dedicated to the preservation of natural dentition while eliminating patient pain. We provide our clinicians with the safest and most efficient products that set industry standards.

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