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SciCan is proud to announce VistaCool, a direct-to-drain system for STATIM Cassette Autoclaves.

July 22, 2015
by Oral Health Group

VistaCool – A validated, effective, reliable, and maintenance free solution that safely vents the used sterilization water directly down the drain eliminating condenser bottles and tanks, VistaCool is designed to help protect staff and equipment.

TORONTO – With the launch of VistaCool Direct-to-Drain, SciCan delivers a universal system that works with STATIM 2000 or 5000 as well as other select sterilizers.

Protects Staff: VistaCool safely and automatically drains autoclaves used sterilization water. Staff no longer need to manually empty steaming hot water bottles.

Protects Equipment: VistaCool safely protects your office from the damages caused by overflows and accidental spills.

Cost Effective: VistaCool eliminates wasted staff time emptying the condenser bottle and requires no consumable parts, nor daily maintenance.

Efficient: Allows offices to connect up to 2 autoclaves to 1 VistaCool system.

Shaped to take up less space under your sink, the water tank is also comprised of an Eco Design made up of recycled plastic material. VistaCool is compatible and can be used with all drainage pipe material types.

VistaCool – Never empty your condenser bottle again! For more information contact your local SciCan representative or visit www.scican.com.

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