Shofu Dental Corporation Composite has Low-Shrink Attributes and Bioactive Giomer Chemistry

Shofu Dental Corporation, a leading manufacturer of award-winning dental materials and equipment, introduced Beautifil II LS (Low Shrink), a ground-breaking hybrid composite formulated to minimize polymerization shrinkage and shrinkage stress in all cavity classes.

Despite multiple advances in dental material science (most of the current composites in the market shrink about 2% to 5%), volumetric shrinkage and the resultant shrinkage stress continue to challenge the clinicians.  It has been reported that the shrinkage stress can weaken the bond between the tooth structure and the restoration, and lead to the formation of secondary caries, post-operative sensitivity, and debonding. As polymerization shrinkage cannot be completely eliminated, various techniques and protocols have been developed to address the problem.

Inclusive of Shofu’s proprietary bioactive Giomer technology, clinically vetted in 8- and 13-year studies, Beautifil II LS (Low Shrink) demonstrates volumetric shrinkage of 0.8% and polymerization shrinkage stress of 2.72 MPa – the lowest values among all universal composites in the market today.

Credited for these outstanding results are a new proprietary monomer and high-density pre-polymerized fillers which also exhibit tooth-like optical properties and naturally beautiful aesthetics.

Available in 4.5-gram syringes, 20 x 0.25-gram tips, and a value intro kit, in 14 dentin and enamel shades, Beautifil II LS (Low Shrink) offers the clinicians predictable and functional aesthetics with greater strength, higher wear resistance and virtually instant polishability.

More information on Beautifil II LS (Low Shrink) can be found on Shofu’s website at

About Shofu Dental Corporation
Shofu has been known for its excellence in abrasive and restorative dentistry. The company’s expertise in abrasive technologies and restorative materials combined with a continuous strive for excellence has led it to the development of a score of high-performance products. Two-time winner of the Cellerant’s Technology Award, the EyeSpecial C-II digital dental camera, makes clinical photography predictable, consistent and easy for the entire dental team. Giomer technology, a proprietary component of Shofu’s restorative materials, combines the clinical benefits of bioactivity with superior physical, mechanical and aesthetic properties. This unique technology has been rigorously vetted in 13- and 8-year clinical research studies which recorded intact esthetics, no secondary caries, no failures and no post-operative sensitivity. Shofu’s expertise in dentistry translates into delivering life-transforming products that help dental professionals increase their patients’ satisfaction and ultimately, improve the growth and profitability in their practices.