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Shofu Dental Corporation Launches Beautifil II Gingiva and Enamel resin composites

May 24, 2016
by Shofu Dental Corporation

SHOFU Dental

A New Line of Fluoride-Releasing, Bioactive, Nanohybrid Restorative Materials in Pink and White Shades

In the aura of excitement, Shofu Dental Corporation, a leading manufacturer of award-winning dental materials and equipment, is unshrouding a new line of fluoride-releasing, bioactive, nanohybrid restorative materials in pink and white shades—Beautifil II Gingiva and Enamel resin composites.

The new Beautifil II shade modules are highly filled, demonstrate excellent flexural and compressive strength, maintain exceptional color stability before and after curing, exhibit high luster and, similarly to the original Beautifil II, offer clinically vetted Giomer benefits—the ability to release and recharge fluoride, inhibit plaque build-up and neutralize acids.

Intended for direct anterior restorations, Beautifil II Enamel composite is available in 4 enamel shades: high-value translucent, translucent, low-value translucent, and amber that can be layered and blended together to produce highly aesthetic results. The chameleon-like optical characteristics of the enamel tones allow for creating polychromatic restorations with morphology and aesthetics of natural teeth, providing the clinicians with a cost-effective alternative to ceramic veneers.

Beautifil II Gum & Enamel

This pink-colored Beautifil II Gingiva composite is available in 5 gingiva shades: light pink, dark pink, orange, brown and violet. The collection of these signature tones was created based on Shofu’s acclaimed Ceramage line, a nano-ceramic indirect composite, designed for artisan restorations of anterior regions. Beautifil II Gingiva restorative is intended for indications in the cervical area including, reestablishment of gingival symmetry, aesthetic correction of gingival recession, wedge-shaped defects, exposed cervical areas, splinting, and re-balancing of pink and white aesthetics. This restorative material also provides practitioners with the ability to artistically camouflage exposed crown and bridge margins, implant abutments, or to perform the characterization of removable full or partial dentures. Similarly to its indirect predecessor, Beautifil II Gingiva resin composite can be layered and coalesced to effectively address patients’ clinical needs.

Beautifil II Gingiva and Enamel composites are available in single syringes and PINK and PINK & WHITE technique kits.

PN Beautifil II Gingiva. SRP: $49.95/syringe PN Beautifil II Enamel. SRP: $37.50/syringe
Y2256 Light Pink, G-LP, 2.5g Y2250 Translucent, T, 2.5g
Y2257 Dark Pink, G-DP, 2.5g Y2251 High-Value Translucent, HVT, 2.5g
Y2258 Violet, G-V, 2.5g Y2252 Low-Value Translucent, LVT, 2.5g
Y2259 Brown, G-Br, 2.5g Y2253 Amber, AM, 2.5g
Y2260 Orange, G-Or, 2.5g


PN GMK1, Beautifil II Gingiva “Pink” Kit, includes: 5x syringes of gingiva-colored syringes of Beautifil II, 1x syringe of Beautifil Flow F02, in Gingiva tone, and assorted bonus items. SRP: $249.00

PN GMK3, Beautifil II Gingiva “Pink & White” Kit includes: 5x syringes of gingiva- and 4 syringes of enamel-colored syringes of Beautifil II, 1x syringe of Beautifil Flow F02, in Gingiva tone, and assorted bonus items. SRP: $399.00

For further inquiries, contact:

Lynne M. Calliott
Vice President of Marketing – Americas

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