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Sidexis 4: The Software for the Optimal Networking of Imaging Systems in the Practice

October 11, 2018
by Dentsply Sirona

Sidexis 4 is more than just an imaging software. It has many functions that make producing, processing and archiving images easier, faster and safer. It has won many awards for user friendliness and design. Sidexis 4 also stands out due to its networking capability.

Integration of the local practice management program
Sidexis 4 controls, connects and manages everything involving treatment in a dental practice – from imaging, diagnosis and treatment planning to archiving and patient communication. As the software can be networked with almost every commonly used practice management software, the imaging data can be saved in the digital patient file. With its extensive features, the software is an optimal diagnostic tool that meets the needs of the respective practice.

The now familiar and highly valued functions, such as the chronological timeline that gives an overview of the patient’s entire history, the Compare function, with which two CBCTs can be moved simultaneously and can thus be easily compared, or the digital lightbox that displays all image types in one software, have proven their usefulness.

Uncomplicated import and export of files
Sidexis 4 has open interfaces so the software can be integrated in any practice, which then allows 3D DICOM data from third-party providers to be imported and used. This considerably simplifies sharing X-ray images with colleagues by eliminating time-consuming conversion. These user-friendly functions result in improved and more efficient treatment planning and patient communication.

“I experience this every day in my practice,” explains Dr. Dirk Rosenthal from Gernsheim, Germany. “The software is easy to use and, in addition to the various connection options, also allows the optimal integration of many different planning applications, such as the implant planning software, Galileos Implant. With the Sicat Air, I was able to expand the range of treatment in my practice to include obstructive sleep apnea. I can do the planning right in front of patients and discuss it with them.”

With Sidexis 4, treatment focuses on the patient not the technology. For example, by coupling several different products, patient-specific settings, such as the automatic headrest position of the Teneo treatment center, can be saved and accessed again.

“With the Sidexis 4 imaging software, we give dentists a versatile tool that supports diagnostics and treatment planning,” states Jörg Haist, Head of Product Management at Dentsply Sirona Imaging Systems. “Dentists can concentrate on just that without having to become IT experts. This is why we emphasized simplicity and meeting the needs of daily practice routine when developing the Sidexis 4.“

Thanks to regular updates that integrate the experiences shared by many users, dentists will also continue to benefit from improvements and prepare the basis for the topics of the future in the practice today.

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