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Vita NP Bond Ensures Stable Bonding For Long-Term Success

February 21, 2014
by Vident

Ceramic veneering of non-precious metal alloys based on cobalt-chrome (CoCr) is now a routine procedure in dental laboratories, but faults such as cracks can occur in the case of certain alloys following ceramic firing. VITA’s new VITA NP BOND material offers a solution. Through reliable bonding between the metal framework and the veneering ceramic, the new VITA NP BOND material helps prevent errors occurring as a result of CTE tension between the alloy and the ceramic. VITA NP BOND provides the user with greater reliability, enabling improved esthetics when it comes to veneering non-precious metal alloys.

The cracks that occur in ceramic veneering of non-precious metal alloys are often due to differences in the thermal behavior of ceramics and alloys, which can lead to tension between both materials. VITA NP BOND balances out these discrepancies, particularly the differing coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE).

The new NP bonder provides dental technicians with greater reliability in fabricating veneers that offer superior long-term stability with products like VITA VMK MASTER and VITA VM 13, as it improves bonding between metal frameworks and veneering ceramics, particularly in the case of non-precious metal alloys.

With VITA NP BOND, the elastic intermediate layer acts as a buffer. As a result, it balances out the CTE-related tension at the layer interfacing between both materials. The result: a stable bond between the framework and ceramic that provides a reliable basis for the long-term success of the restoration.

VITA NP BOND is available in a 5 g jar as a ready-to-use paste, making mixing a thing of the past. Its consistency, which has been perfectly adapted in advance by the manufacturer, also guarantees consistent processing and firing characteristics, preventing errors during use, and saving time.

The beautiful golden hue of VITA NP BOND lends a warm basic color and also provides the veneer with greater shade fidelity and optimizes the esthetic appearance of the restoration. Conditioning the framework using VITA NP BOND means that firing with WASH OPAQUE is no longer required.

Usage is not limited to a particular manufacturer, making VITA NP BOND the ideal veneering material for all non-precious metal alloys, regardless of whether they have been cast, processed using the CAD/CAM technique, or laser-sintered.

Vident has been a provider of innovative dental products since 1985 and is the North American subsidiary of VITA, manufacturer of the internationally recognized Classical Shade Guide, 3D-Master Shade System, Easyshade Advance 4.0, VITA ENAMIC and other quality VITA restorative materials.

For information on VITA NP BOND or other quality restorative products, call 800-828-3839 or visit Vident’s website at www.vident.com.

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