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VOCO introduces Futurabond M+, a universal Single-Bottle Adhesive

October 5, 2015

Futurabond M+ versatility allows it to be used in self-, selective- or total etch mode without any additional primers on virtually all substrates.  Futurabond M+ achieves total-etch bond strength levels with all light- self- and dual-cure resin based composites, cements and core build up materials. With a dual-cured activator Futurabond M+ will self-cure without any light activation which offers a big advantage for endodontic applications such as post cementation where it avoids the pooling effect, a problem with light cured adhesives. Futurabond M+ also adheres well to metal, zirconia and ceramic making extra primers unnecessary.

Futurabond M+ needs only one coat and takes 35 second from start to finish. Its low film thickness of only 9 microns makes bonding margins invisible (i.e. no “halo” effect) and prevents pooling problems. Additionally the material does not need to be refrigerated.  

Further Futurabond M+ benefits include its indication as a desensitizer for use under amalgam restorations or on hypersensitive tooth necks, as a protective varnish for glass ionomers as well as an intraoral repair of ceramic restorations. 

For more information on Futurabond M+ please visit our website www.vocoamerica.com.

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