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March 8, 2021 News BlogsOral Health

Things To Remember When Providing Dental Care For People With Dementia

by Dr. Gary Salwin

People living with dementia—and those taking care of their needs—are bound to face a lot of challenges as the condition progresses. Dementia affects the behavior, thinking, and memory of those diagnosed with it. Their reasoning and memory skills decline over

July 30, 2020 News NewsOral Health

Gum Health Could be a Risk Factor for Dementia, Study Suggests

by CNN

Anyone who has had gum disease is probably familiar with the discomfort and embarrassment of poor oral health, such as bad breath, bleeding, discolored teeth and even tooth loss. But gum disease, especially the more advanced type known as periodontal

January 16, 2020 News News

Taiwanese Seniors Advised to Chew to Prevent Dementia

by Taiwan News

The elderly are advised to maintain their chewing ability as a way to prevent dementia, an idea proposed a few years ago that was promoted at a press event in Taiwan on Wednesday (Jan. 15). The Taiwan Advanced Cultural Association (TACA) joined

May 13, 2011 News Chronic dental care for the elderlyDental HygieneGeneral NewsGeriodontics

Dirty Mouths Lead to Broken Hearts

by ken

From Science Daily – May 5, 2011 Nurses who care for patients with dementia now have a tailored approach to dental hygiene for their charges, thanks to a pilot study by a team of nurses. “Poor oral health can lead

February 21, 2011 News Geriodontics

For some reason I can’t remember the title of this blog entry

by ken

It is common knowledge that as the average life span becomes longer, dementia becomes more common.  Swedish scientist Laura Fratiglioni has shown that everyone can minimize his or her risk of being affected. Factors from blood pressure and weight to