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November 26, 2011 News Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile like a princess: The secret to Kate Middleton’s perfect pearly whites revealed

by ken

By Lucy Buckland The secret to Kate Middleton‘s perfect smile is out -and it’s all to do with its gleaming imperfection. Her pearly whites have long been the talk of the U.S. and Canada but no-one knew exactly how the

November 25, 2011 News Keeping you guessing

Interview: ‘The integrated systems provide enormous support for the user during root-canal preparation’

by ken

Dental Tribune November 25, 2011 Prof Emanuele Ambu is an internationally recognised endodontic expert. During the 15th Annual Congress of the European Society of Endodontology (ESE), which took place from 14 to 17 September in Rome,Italy,the dedicated Italian specialist offered

June 21, 2011 News RadiologySocial networking

Is it normal to feel an X-ray? Should you wear an aluminum hat?

by ken

I post this for two reasons….the question is posed by someone from Ontario – did the certification folks at U of T put her up to this? and two, the doctor to whom the question is being posed can be

April 27, 2011 News Evidence based dentistryGeneral NewsGovernment regulationsPathologySystemic linksTrends in Dentistry

Dentistry advanced by science – not market??? Hmmmm

by ken

Science gets partial answers slowly – Margaret Scarlett – April 18, 2011 from Medscape Connect In these changing times with technology always changing, I’m reminded of a saying from a colleague at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).