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October 28, 2020 News NewsOral Health

Ontario Dental Association Provides Halloween Tips

by St.ThomasToday.ca

The Ontario Dental Association is warning residents to watch what they eat this Halloween. They say that many treats can lead to cavities and other dental related issues. “There may not be as much trick or treating going on this

November 1, 2019 News News

Woman’s Halloween ‘Devil Teeth’ Turn Into Dental Emergency

by MSN

Sugar overload isn’t the only danger to a partier’s teeth during the spooky holiday. Wearing “fangs” can take a frightening turn, as a woman painfully found out after her “devil teeth” became stuck and required an emergency visit to the dentist.

October 31, 2019 News Dental HygieneNews

Dental Hygienists Offer Tooth-Friendly Tricks & Treats For Halloween


As witches and wizards prepare to haunt neighbourhoods across Canada on October 31, dental hygienists urge us all to be mindful of warding off cavities on Halloween night. While the new Canada’s Food Guide emphasizes sugar reduction for good overall

October 29, 2019 News NewsOral Health

Reinforcing Good Oral Health Care Habits As Halloween Approaches

by California Dental Association

In the days leading up to Halloween and on National Brush Day, Nov. 1, dentists and their staff can reinforce the importance of good teeth-brushing habits to help remove sugary candy residue and prevent oral disease. Here are a few

October 22, 2010 News General NewsPediatric dentistry

Halloween Candy Buy Back

by ken

From the GOOGLE READER team The Halloween season is upon us. The aisles are filled with costumes. Kids are getting excited about Trick-or-Treating and the bucketfuls of candy they’ll be hauling home. We all know that sugar is bad for