Designs for Vision – Aerosol Protection Loupes


I’m regularly asked by dental peeps whether or not they should purchase loupes. And my answer is always a no-brainer — yes. But it’s no secret that a good quality pair of loupes come with a price tag that reflects the amazing benefits.

That said, you should be looking at loupes as an investment. Not only an investment against the risk of musculoskeletal injuries and the longevity of your career as a hygienist but an investment for the patients you treat every single day.

Many hygienists I engage with on social media ask for suggestions on what type of loupes to purchase. It’s simple — spend the money on a quality pair that will positively impact how you work and enhance your quality of life.

Let’s talk about our dear friend, Amazon. While convenient and addicting, it’s an inevitable rabbit hole. People get excited about “Amazon’s finds” because of price or current TikTok trends, and products tend to work out for a short amount of time. But regret often ensues when we realize the quality isn’t up to par. So, what happens next? We’re back browsing Amazon to find the next best (and cheap) alternative. In the end, if you’re purchasing loupes from Amazon, all you’ll wind up with is a sore neck, back pain, blurred vision, or even headaches. And for those of you who insist their Amazon loupes work just fine, let me ask you this: how do you know that your very first pair is the best option and that nothing else will compare?

Enter Designs for Vision: a top contender when it comes to high-quality loupes, and their new Aerosol Protection Loupes prove just that. During the beginning of the COVID-19 global health crisis, clinicians contacted the company eager to incorporate aerosol protection in their loupes. Learning about Moisture Chamber Glasses, created by Ziena Eyewear, Designs for Vision contacted the manufacturer and decided to join forces to offer Aerosol Protection Loupes to dental professionals.


  • Silicone cups create a tight seal around the eyes to protect against aerosols
  • Adjustable spring hinges and wire core temples ensure a comfortable custom-fit
  • Lightweight, soft, removable silicone eyecups attach to the frame magnetically
  • Loupes come with two sets of eyecups
  • Available in 2.5x, 3.0x, 3.5x magnifications
  • Two frame styles to choose from (Ziena Kai or Ziena Marina) in either black or tortoise
  • Both styles accept wireless LED headlamps to encourage handsfree dental hygiene practice

So peeps, before you click add to cart on your next pair of loupes from Amazon, remember the title of this article: your body is way too valuable to purchase cheap, low-quality products.

Watch the video below:

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