Philips Sonicare Cordless Power Flosser 3000

Flossing isn’t the most appealing and enjoyable task for patients, so how about a cordless, handheld option that essentially does the work for you? With traditional string floss, you can meticulously focus on each tooth, but let’s be honest – water flossers are without a doubt more fun to use.

In a previous Toothlife Test, I highlighted the key features of the Philips Sonicare Power Flosser 3000, and I’m back to offer insight on the only cordless model currently sold in Canada by Sonicare.

The main feature of the Cordless Power Flosser 3000 is the Quad Stream and Pulse Wave technology, the same intuitive technology featured in the countertop version. With a 250ml reservoir, the handheld water flosser is fully capable of helping achieve a thorough floss in just 60 seconds without having to refill the tank.


This model offers two cleaning modes and three different intensities. Clean Mode delivers a continuous flow for a thorough clean, whereas Deep Clean uses Pulse Wave technology to provide a brief pause in the jet of water so you can move the nozzle from one space to the next between the teeth. The water jet intensity is either low, medium, or high, and depending on the intensity level selected, the number of LED lights will change accordingly on the handle.

Philips offers three interchangeable flosser tips for their five variations of water flossers. The Standard nozzle (F1) provides a single stream of water for effectively removing plaque and bacteria, the Comfort (F2) is a soft rubber option for sensitive gums, and the Quad Stream (F3) has a cross-shapped stream that achieves up to nine times more plaque removal than a single jet. But it’s important to note that the Cordless Power Flosser 3000 includes only the F1 and F3 nozzles.

It’s no secret that water flossers have become increasingly popular over the years. They are clinically proven to improve overall gum health, remove plaque and bacteria, and effectively clean those hard-to-reach spots. The Cordless Power Flosser 3000 is smaller, easier to travel with, and you can even use this model in the shower to minimize spatter. And perhaps most importantly peeps, it promotes oral hygiene habits while on the go.

For more information on the Philips Sonicare Cordless Power Flosser 3000, contact your Philips Sales Representative, call 800-278-8282 to place an order, or visit

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