Apple rumored to be working on iOS-powered HDTVs for late 2011

Your reception area just got the gift of the century; by Josh Ong – Apple Insider June 21, 2011 – Oral Health has partnered with to create a new blog MyDentalChronicles …..the company was among the first to see the future of patient education as residing in the iCloud…..if this iOS-powered connected TV is released in the fall as expected, then patient education just went stratospheric….

A new rumor claims Apple is readying an iOS-powered connected TV, possibly for release as early as this fall.

A former Apple executive, speaking anonymously, said the company plans to “blow Netflix and all those other guys away” by bundling Apple TV + iTunes inside a physical display, DailyTech reports. Apple is reportedly teaming up with a major supplier to provide the rebranded television sets,the source noted.

When questioned why an OEM would cut into its sales by providing Apple with units, the source said, “If you have to be competing with somebody, you want to be competing with yourself.”

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