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July 4, 2019 Video Dental TechnologyDental VideoInnovations in dentistryNew productsNew Technologies

DDD Roundtable: Purchasing New Equipment

by Oral Health

Part 4 of our Data Driven Dentistry roundtable has our panel discussing the equipment they’ve purchased recently and how they decide what technology to invest in. *Between February and March 2018, RKI, a third party independent research house, conducted a

July 2, 2019 Feature DentalDental TechnologyMaterials & TechnologyNew TechnologiesOral HealthProduct Report

3D Technology In The Dental Practice

by W. Joerd van der Meer, DDS, PhD; Yijin Ren DDS, PhD

Introduction The last few years a plethora of 3D technology seems to have inundated the dental market(Fig. 1). Whereas the initial efforts to 3D scan the dentition of a patient or to convert dental impressions or study casts to 3D

February 29, 2016 News Computer softwareMarketing strategiesNew TechnologiesSocial mediaWebsites

Tips for Buying a Software Solution for your Dental Office

by Kahaliah Richards

If you are planning to buy a software package to increase automation and improve the efficiency of operations at your dental office, consider the following tips: Choose a Web Based Package You will usually have the option to purchase a

February 7, 2014 News Cosmetic DentistryMedical newsNew productsNew Technologies

Toronto’s The Art of Dentistry Launches New Dental Website

by Kahaliah Richards

Toronto-based dentist Sol Weiss has launched a brand new website for his practice, The Art of Dentistry. Sol Weiss and the entire team of The Art of Dentistry is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for the

January 20, 2014 News New TechnologiesTechnology

BlueLight Analytics Inc. recruited to present its technology to leaders in US Military dental practice

by Kahaliah Richards

Canadian technology company, BlueLight Analytics Inc., will showcase its proprietary products in a continuing medical education (CME) conference with the leaders in US Military dental practice. The invitation to present at the meeting is a further indication of the momentum

October 31, 2013 News New TechnologiesWebsites

Your Website: An Undervalued Tool?

by lorne

In a down economy, it’s common for dentists to cut back on their marketing efforts due to fears about how the recession will affect their practice. In my opinion, this is a big mistake, and just the opposite is needed.

April 30, 2013 News General DentistryKeeping you guessingNew TechnologiesSocial mediaSocial Networking

Getting in front of your community

by Kahaliah Richards

Many dentists I speak with are eager to reach out to their community about new services and about their own specialness. This can be complicated and expensive because your community now learns differently. One illustration of how your community learns

March 14, 2013 News New TechnologiesPractice management

The Fine Print

by lorne

There is no doubt that many dental offices have moved into the digital realm over the past few years. Systems that were primarily paper-based, such as insurance processing, scheduling, and charting are now being accomplished within the digital patient record.

February 28, 2013 News Dental equipmentInnovations in dentistryNew productsNew TechnologiesPractice management

Tablets in the Dental Office

by lorne

In previous posts, I examined the advantages of having computers in the treatment rooms. While there are certainly many reasons for placing computers in a clinical setting, for many offices, space limitations have prevented some doctors from making this decision.

February 5, 2013 News Data storageElectronic Health RecordsEncryptionNew Technologies

I Got Your “Back”

by lorne

For offices that are using practice management software and digital imaging, the need to have a proper backup protocol in place is absolutely critical. Few offices would be able to easily recover from the loss of their most important data,

February 5, 2013 News General NewsKeeping you guessingMedical newsNew TechnologiesSocial mediaSocial networkingTrends in Dentistry

Social media’s future in dentistry

by Kahaliah Richards

“Increasingly, I think the progressive physicians are more focused on the customer experience and how they can differentiate themselves from other physicians, not just from a clinical perspective but from the overall engagement perspective.” That statement sums up an in-depth

December 7, 2012 News Dental industryMarketing strategiesNew Technologies

New Rules of Marketing, Part 2

by lorne

So, you’re the owner of a dental practice and you are trying to figure out the best steps to get on to Facebook to drive new patients. It can be a daunting task and with little extra time in the

September 28, 2012 News Cone beam computed tomographyDigital radiographyNew productsNew Technologies

The Three Technologies You May Not Know About…But Should!

by lorne

The modern dental practice continues to evolve at a very rapid pace. Many systems that were paper and film based for close to a century are being replaced by digital counterparts. There are now computers in almost every office, and

August 28, 2012 News Digital radiographyNew TechnologiesRadiology

Phosphor Plate Systems

by lorne

There is no doubt that sensors are still the most dominant type of digital radiography system on the market in terms of units sold. However, over the past few years, another form of digital radiography, phosphor plates, has become increasingly

July 6, 2012 News Cloud computingData storageElectronic Health RecordsEncryptionNew Technologies

Up in the Cloud

by lorne

As anyone who has to use technology daily knows (and that applies to everyone reading this article!), technology is a quickly moving target. Technologies that seemed so fresh and new just a few short years ago now seem passé and

May 4, 2012 News Computer softwareEncryptionNew TechnologiesPractice managementTechnology

Backup Doesn’t Get you Back Up

by lorne

One of the biggest mistakes that I see dentists making is how they backup their data. Pretty much all backup systems work: external drives, tape, CD/DVD, online…almost all will likely give you a proper backup of your data. However, that’s

April 4, 2012 News ClinicalEndodonticsEvidence based dentistryInnovations in dentistryNew productsNew TechnologiesTechnologyYouTube

How many drills does it take to create an osteotomy, burs to prep a veneer, an inlay-onlay, a crown?

by ken

How many files does it take to sculpt a root canal space if: (Illogical logic of dangerous dichotomies – PART DEUX) A root canal space is an arborizational, anastomotic, labyrinthine complexity, morphologically comparable to the pathways of a maze. http://endodontiafobusp.wordpress.com/2012/04/04/apical-delta/apical-delta1/

April 3, 2012 News ClinicalContinuing EducationEminence based dentistryEndodonticsEvidence based dentistryNew TechnologiesPathologyResearch

Illogical Logic of Dangerous Dichotomies

by ken

http://www.slideshare.net/kendo160/wave-one-jan2012 http://www.slideshare.net/kendo160/dentinal-tubule-infection-as-the-cause-of-recurrent-disease-and-late-endodontic-treatment-failure-a-case-report-12270277 If you read both these articles, you have to be left with a sense of the “dangerous dichotomies” in their relative perspective. If one were to consider all possibilities suggested “in a step by step linear manner” and then

March 30, 2012 News ClinicalLaser DentistryNew TechnologiesTrends in Dental Education

Millennium Dental Technologies Signs Renewal Agreement With Seattle Study Club to Continue Strong Collaboration

by ken

From Marketwire – CERRITOS, CA, Mar 29, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Millennium Dental Technologies and the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry (IALD) announce the renewal of their partnership with the Seattle Study Club (SSC) after an extremely productive three

March 27, 2012 News ClinicalContinuing EducationEminence based dentistryEndodonticsEvidence based dentistryManagementMarketing strategiesNew productsNew Technologies

Crippled Epistomology

by ken

Op-ed piece from an online discussion forum……..worth a read….everything is grist for the mill……….there is method and madness in the concept of a dental knowledge network in Canada. There is no question that anonymity will lead to some incendiary commentary,