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June 30, 2022 Feature Marketing strategiesOral Health OfficePractice managementSocial media

Does Your Dental Marketing Team Need a Social Media Content Calendar?

by Naren Arulrajah, Ekwa Marketing

At first, it might seem easy to keep your dental practice’s social profiles active and interesting. After all, we all find time for social media in our off hours and idle moments. However, social media marketing is quite different. It

Dental Marketing
June 13, 2022 News BlogsMarketing strategiesPractice managementSocial media

Don’t Be So Serious: Tips for Using Humour in Dental Marketing

by Naren Arulrajah, Ekwa Marketing

Is your dental practice’s blog following waning, your social media engagement rate low, or your website content lacklustre? What is missing? The answer could be a good laugh! Research has proven humour to be an effective marketing technique. However, yours is a

Instagram Strategy
June 3, 2022 Feature Marketing strategiesOral Health OfficePractice managementSocial media

Optimizing Your Instagram Strategy

by Naren Arulrajah, Ekwa Marketing

Instagram was a social media powerhouse, with over one billion active monthly users,1 before the COVID-19 pandemic. Like other social networks, its role in business and society was cemented by the diminished opportunity for in-person interaction. Global usership of Instagram

May 16, 2022 News BlogsMarketing strategiesSocial media

What is a Good Social Engagement Rate in 2022?

by Ekwa Marketing

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April 18, 2022 News BlogsPractice managementSocial media

Ideas and Inspiration for Great Dental Posts on Social Media

by Ekwa Marketing

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social media
April 11, 2022 News Marketing strategiesPractice managementSocial media

Three Social Media Strategies to Give Your Dental Practice an Edge in 2022

by Naren Arulrajah, Ekwa Marketing

Before the pandemic, it seemed like everyone was on social media. Now, that perception is very close to reality, with experts predicting that 96 percent of Canadians will be on social media by 2026. While this marketing channel is more important than

Effective Dental Marketing Strategies
March 30, 2022 News BlogsMarketing strategiesPractice managementSearch engineSocial mediaWebsites

9 Effective Dental Marketing Strategies To Elevate Your Practice in 2022

by Eddie Jones, InVideo

Even if you are a good dentist, there is no guarantee that your business will prosper unless you implement effective dental marketing strategies and use local ads to boost brand awareness. You should not waste your resources marketing to the

January 17, 2022 News BlogsMarketing strategiesPractice managementSocial media

Social Media Marketing – What Works and What Doesn’t

by Ekwa Marketing

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December 13, 2021 News BlogsMarketing strategiesSocial media

Why TikTok Matters and How You Can Use It To Promote Your Dental Practice

by Naren Arulrajah, Ekwa Marketing

TikTok is a short-form, video-sharing app that allows users to create and publish 3- minutes videos (up from 15 seconds originally) on any desired topic. It is an excellent way for individuals and businesses to gather exposure and promote their

November 22, 2021 News BlogsSocial media

How To Write A Killer Instagram Bio For Your Dental Clinic

by James Baxter

Choosing a dentistry clinic is quite a responsible task for people and their kids. They usually read all relevant reviews, learn the ranges of services, their prices, the doctor qualifications and so on. However, now there are numerous channels where

TikTok Tooth Trends
October 29, 2021 Feature Oral Health OfficePatient educationPractice managementSocial media

TikTok Tooth Trends

by Dr. Sanjukta Mohanta, B.Sc. DDS.

Recently my daughter had her wisdom teeth extracted. The day before she asked me to buy her pineapple juice. I replied, “Pineapple juice? Why do you want that? You don’t even like pineapples.” She said, “I saw on TikTok that

October 22, 2021 Feature Dental HygieneSocial media

Competing with TikTok Dental Advice: Educating Gen Z Before the Damage is Done

by Clara Jones

Up-and-coming social media platform TikTok has well over 1.29 billion active users who post and view short clips on a plethora of different topics, including dental and oral hygiene. Unfortunately, as trendy and popular as these videos are among Gen-Zers,

October 15, 2021 Feature Dental StudentsMarketing strategiesNew dentistsNew gradsSocial media

Is It All Instaworthy?

by Irene Iancu, BSc, RDH, CDTP

Social media is a blessing and a curse, but either way, it’s the way of the future (and so are you!). Caps off to you! You’re about to graduate during a global pandemic, and as you patiently await the ink

October 5, 2021 Video Dental VideoSocial media

Weekly Wisdom: Is Your Social Media Boring?

by Oral Health

  Angela Mulrooney returns to Weekly Wisdom to share with us how you can improve your social media presence to make it more fun and interesting for your patients.     Subscribe to Oral Health’s weekly e-newsletter to have the

dental TikTok
September 15, 2021 News BlogsSocial media

Dangerous Oral Health TikTok Trends

by Lidia Hovhan, theteethblog.com

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms of our time, with over half a billion active monthly users worldwide. Many people turn to this social network to stay up to date on the latest trends, tips, and,

July 27, 2021 Video Dental VideoPractice managementSocial media

Weekly Wisdom: Not All Social Media is Created Equal

by Oral Health

  Weekly Wisdom: Get some tips on which social media platform is best suited for your practice from Alex Zlatin.     Subscribe to Oral Health’s weekly e-newsletter to have the latest episode delivered straight to your inbox every week!

social media
July 14, 2021 News BlogsMarketing strategiesSocial mediaSocial networking

5 Reasons Why Your Dental Practice Needs to Engage in Social Media

by Shawn Byrne, My Digital Dentistry

Social media started as a platform for meeting and connecting people, but it has evolved to become so much more. Nowadays, social media is a commercial force with enough influence to make or break a business — including dental practices.

July 9, 2021 Feature Customer serviceData Driven DentistryOHGdataPractice ManagementSocial media

Pros and Cons of Communication Platforms

by Oral Health

While the telephone remains the most popular way for dental offices to communicate with patients, there is no denying that, as the result of many digital developments, the number of platforms to reach patients has grown. With so many options

SWOT Analysis
June 30, 2021 News BlogsCommunity outreachMarketing strategiesPractice managementSocial media

Why Complete a SWOT Analysis for My Dental Practice?

by Beau Peters

The market growth of dentist practices is expected to grow by 5.2% this year. Why should that matter to you? It’s one small indicator that the dental industry is seeing somewhat of a boom. On one hand, that’s a good

June 21, 2021 News BlogsPractice managementSearch engineSocial media

Search Optimization For Your Dental Practice’s Facebook Page

by Naren Arulrajah, Ekwa Marketing

As you probably know, SEO (search engine optimization) is an essential part of any good dental marketing plan. Over 90 percent of adults look for information on the internet. If you want people to find your dental practice, it needs