9 Effective Dental Marketing Strategies To Elevate Your Practice in 2022

by Eddie Jones, InVideo

Even if you are a good dentist, there is no guarantee that your business will prosper unless you implement effective dental marketing strategies and use local ads to boost brand awareness. You should not waste your resources marketing to the general public. Focus instead on your target group. If you offer quality service at a reasonable rate, it is in your best interest to make your target audience aware of your practice.

9 Effective Dental Marketing Strategies

The following effective dental marketing strategies will help you build your brand by ensuring that people understand what you are offering so that you get the desired response from your target group. These strategies will ensure that your conversion rate is above 10%. Given below are some strategies that can help dentists increase their ad conversion rate.

Use Social Media for Marketing

You should definitely make use of social media for marketing since people spend at least half an hour every day within social networks. 70% of local businesses use one or all of the social media channels to promote their products and drive growth.

Moreover, 50% of the users on a popular photo and video sharing social media platform follow at least one business or brand, and 80% of them decide whether to buy a product by looking at the ads that are strategically placed. You can add links to the stories on some social media platforms to drive traffic to your website.

Many of these sites have map search features that can help people find the location of your dental office. The best time to post your ad is on a Friday between 10 am and 11 am.

Make Video Advertisements

You should focus on making video ads since videos posted on social media have a higher engagement rate than sponsored photos and text. A good video ad maker can help you make informative videos ads that drive engagement. People love getting a good deal, so if you are offering your services at a reasonable rate, it is best if you make people aware of it in your video ads. 

Establish Your Brand Well

It is important to hire competent designers to create your logo, website, and other marketing materials for a professional look in order to establish your brand. As long as the cost of acquiring a new client is less than the marginal revenue you earn from a new patient, you should not scrounge on your ad campaign. In order to establish your brand, you need a mobile-friendly website since most people prefer to browse on their phones rather than their laptops or desktops.

Do Emphasize Your Area of Specialization

Your area of specialization must also be emphasized so that people know exactly what services you have to offer. You should pinpoint your target market when you cater to a specific demographic. Instead of spending money marketing to the general public, you have to use your resources wisely in order to promote brand awareness among the people who are most likely to be your patients.

Optimize Your Website for Best Results

You should optimize your website for search engines since less than 10% of the people browsing on the internet go past the first page. You can try to drive more traffic to your website by including keywords in your web pages that the target audience invariably uses while searching for information on the internet. 

Make Your Website Interesting

Your website should not only be informative, but it should also be entertaining to browse. You can make it interesting for your audience to surf your site by making thought-provoking, fun-filled videos with the help of a video ad maker. This can help build your brand. Posting your biography on your site along with your photo will help people connect with you and will inspire confidence among your prospective clients.

Increase User Engagement on Social Media

You can offer gift cards and free trials in exchange for user engagement on social media. Data analytics are available on these sites, and they can tell you the number of times the link in your business profile is clicked. This can help you understand your audience and employ strategies that drive user engagement. 

Organize Events and Competitions

You can promote your brand by holding events and competitions in the neighborhood. This will help in building goodwill in the local community. People who have moved recently to the neighborhood can be made aware of your practice through these events.

As long as the cost of acquiring a new client is not more than the revenue earned from your newly acquired customer, you can give out freebies during these events to attract more people to your business. If you are sociable and have the time, you can actively participate in community events. This will definitely give a boost to your practice.

Include a Call to Action

A successful marketing campaign is incomplete without a call to action (CTA). A CTA is a must when you advertise because it prompts an immediate response from your prospective clients. It encourages them to call your office for an appointment and show up as expected. You can ensure that your customers call by piquing their curiosity about what you have to offer.

Since there is an overall increase in wages in the dental industry across positions, it is imperative to mitigate the risk for team turnover in the upcoming year by ensuring that you pay your employees well. This is only possible if your dental practice is highly profitable. A good marketing strategy will improve your ad conversion rate considerably so that your earnings are well above the industry average.

Remember, effective marketing is all about viewing things from the perspective of your prospective clients. So, ensure that people call for appointments by making it evident to your target audience that you are a conscientious dentist who does not overcharge.

About the Author

Eddie Jones is a Marketing Manager at InVideo. He has previously written and contributed to audience growth strategies, especially in the field of Video Marketing, Creating & Editing Videos, for many popular publications.