New Poll Results: The Current State of Dental Staffing in the U.S.

The latest wave of HPI’s Economic Outlook and Emerging Issues in Dentistry poll conducted between May 17-22, 2022, sheds new light on the impact the dental staff shortage is having on practices across the country. Key findings include:

  • Recruitment Needs: Dental team recruitment needs have not eased up. Roughly four in ten dentists were recruiting dental assistants and dental hygienists in May. Recruiting dental hygienists continues to be the most challenging for dentists.
  • Position Vacancies: On average, 22% of dental hygiene positions were unfilled in dental practices in May. Dentists in the top 20 largest cities are feeling this shortage much more acutely: half of their dental hygiene positions are open.
  • Economic Confidence: Dentists’ confidence in economic recovery continues to drop. In May, only one in five dentists had high hopes for U.S. economic recovery in the coming months.

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