Toronto’s The Art of Dentistry Launches New Dental Website

Toronto-based dentist Sol Weiss has launched a brand new website for his practice, The Art of Dentistry.

Sol Weiss and the entire team of The Art of Dentistry is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for the cosmetic dentistry practice. While the old website served the practice well, this new website offers many enhanced features that will be great for the patient and the dental care team as well.

The new website retains some elements from the previous site, but has opened up a bit more in terms of its layout, organization, and features. These changes allow for an easier and more convenient browsing experience for current patients and new patients alike.

A Brand New Look and Feel for The Art of Dentistry

The new look of The Art of Dentistry website is lighter and brighter. The design still emphasizes the quality of care that Dr. Weiss and his staff routinely provide, but the overall aesthetic is wider and not as closed in as the previous site. This added space brings a welcome sense of openness to the overall aesthetic.

Intuitive Layout and Design

One of the great features of the new Art of Dentistry website is its intuitiveness. By using navigation links located at the top and the bottom of each page and helpful internal links within the site content, people can find the information they’re looking for without aimless clicking around. That means that access to before and after photos, office information, and procedural information are easily within reach at all times.

Interaction Through a Regularly Updated Blog

The whole team at The Art of Dentistry is always happy to interact with new patients and prospective patients. One way of doing this is through the official The Art of Dentistry blog.

Updated regularly, the blog will keep patients informed of various events and happenings at the practice. On the blog, readers will also be able to find useful information about various topics in cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry. This includes dental care tips, descriptions of dental health problems, and the appropriate treatment options, including porcelain veneers and Invisalign®.

If a patient would like to learn more, he or she can make comments or send a question to the practice directly for additional information. This offers yet another means of providing the best in patient education.

The Ability to Connect Through Social Media

One of the great things about the new website is the ability for visitors to connect with the practice through various social media platforms.

At the bottom of every page, there are links to The Art of Dentistry’s various social media presences, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. By using social media as another means of outreach and information, the team at The Art of Dentistry can field more questions and address more concerns.

Continued Commitment to Patients Through the Art of Dentistry

All of the new features and refined features of the new Art of Dentistry website have been crafted with patient care and patient experience in mind. Thanks to these features, it will be even easier for patients of The Art of Dentistry to get the quality care that they deserve.

Learn More about the Practice

Those who are interested in learning more about The Art of Dentistry are encouraged to contact the practice directly. The Art of Dentistry can be reached at:

The Art of Dentistry
25 Bellair St.
Toronto, Ontario M5R 2C8
Phone: (416) 927-7677

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