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Here’s an intriguing article from a recent California Dental Association journal regarding chronic oral inflammation (primarily perio disease) and systemic disease.  I was “bad”, I pdf’d it and stuck it in my MOBILE ME cloud to share.
Periodontal disease is clearly different than endodontic disease, but this research is very important and might play a future role in answering questions about whether we should treat every lesion of endodontic origin or not….with the advent of small FOV cbCT, this will become of increasing relevance.

The concept of a CLOUD confuses many…….it’s basically a connection of servers that provide applications and repositories for material and is very much a part of the severing of all of us from a desktop computer………the iPAD for example with it’s APPs is very much at the forefront of how we will do EVERYTHING…a tablet that allows us to do anything from anywhere with no wired connection to peripherals of any kind…….the future is now and the CLOUD unlike the one restricting air traffic in Europe is growing bigger and bigger.

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