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Does Apple’s iPhone 5 Invite Signal Voice Recognition App?

September 27, 2011
by ken

Put on your thinking caps Dental APP developers…………Imagine if your office had an APP that could answer your patient’s inquiries on their smartphone…….IMAGINE!

What wine goes with fish? Pretty soon, you may be able to ask your iPhone. The most popular interpretation of Apple’s October 4 iPhone event invitation, sent out this afternoon, is that Apple will launch a killer voice recognition feature.

“Let’s talk iPhone,” the invite reads, along with four iOS icons for Calendar, Clock, Maps, and Phone (pictured).

Blogs, media outlets, even Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, are all connecting this to a long-rumored voice recognition feature on iOS 5.

“In the past, Apple has used its invitation to include cryptic hints as to what it will announce,” Munster wrote in a letter to investors. “The phrase on this year’s invite, ‘Let’s talk iPhone,’ may be a simple play on words, but may also refer to new speech-based features for the iPhone.”

Last year, Apple acquired voice-recognition application startup Siri and added some voice-to-text features to iOS 4, such as the ability to verbally order an iPhone to “call Mom” or “play more songs like this.”

So what more can there be? Siri’s mission statement may shed some light:

“Siri will improve quickly by getting to know you better and understanding a broader set of tasks. In fact, right now, Siri’s learning how to handle reminders, flights stats and reference questions,” the company said. “Our vision is that, over time, you’ll trust Siri to manage many personal details in your life – from recommending a wine you might enjoy to managing your to do list.”

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