ITI Congress for UK and Ireland – are these lads talking?

Love the way they’ve organized this congress as a TEAM EFFORT!!!!

The International Team for Implantology ITI Congress UK & Ireland will be held on December 1 – 3 2011 at the Liverpool Arena and Convention Centre, Liverpool, UK. The Congress theme is ‘Implants in Practice‘.
Implant dentistry is a team effort and the programme is aimed at our
predominant membership of dentists in general practice and their team of
technicians, clinical dental technicians and dental care professionals.

Evidence-based treatment guidelines
to optimise aesthetic outcomes
Lecture Speakers
Moderators: Charlotte Stilwell, Philip Freiberger
10:00 Introduction Philip Freiberger
10:15 Treatment planning in aesthetic sites Urs Belser, Daniel Buser
11:15 Coffee
11:45 Implant placement with GBR in complex cases Urs Belser,Daniel Buser
12:45 Questions and Answers
13:00 Lunch
14:15 Implant restorations in extended edentulous spaces in the anterior maxilla Urs Belser,Daniel Buser
15:15 Tea
15:45 Handling of aesthetic implant failures Urs Belser, Daniel Buser
16:45 Questions and Answers
17:00 UK & Ireland Section AGM 2011
18:15 End of day 1

Implants in Practice
Lecture Speakers
9:00 Introduction Philip Freiberger, Charlotte Stilwell
9:05 Opening of ITI Congress UK & Ireland Daniel Buser

Moderators: Philip Freiberger, Cemal Ucer
9:30 The role of dental implants in restorative dental practice Ken Hebel
10:45 Coffee
11:15 Marketing dental implants as restorative treatment options Ken Hebel
12:30 Questions and Answers
12:45 Lunch

Moderators: Paul Stone, Nikos Mardas
14:00 When to extract and when to maintain the periodontally involved tooth Nikos Donos
14:30 Periodontally-driven implant surgery – managing disease before you begin Pedja Pavlovic, Gaston King
15:00 Evaluation of anatomic and local risk factors before implant placement Marc Quirynen
15:45 Tea
16:15 Endodontic bone regeneration for implant placement Joe Bhat
16:35 Minimally invasive treatment concepts to support bone regeneration at deficient implant sites Frank Schwarz
17:20 Questions and Answers
17:30 End of day 2
Parallel session for dental team
Lecture Speakers
Parallel Session for Nurse/ Reception/ Practice Manager/ Hygienist/Therapist
Moderator: Colin Campbell
9:00 Welcome and Opening Main auditorium
9:30 Introduction Colin Campbell
9:30 The team is everything Chris Barrow
10:15 The result of team work James Hamill
10:45 Coffee
11:15 The implant Co-ordinator concept Laura Horton
12:00 Panel questions
12:30 Lunch
13:45 Making full use of a therapist within the team Peter Buchan
14:30 From trainee dental nurse to managing director and everything inbetween Angela Leivers
15:15 Tea
15:45 Dental Implant maintenance: hygienist perspective Karen Walker
16:30 An introduction to computer-guided implant placement Stephen Barter
17:15 Panel questions
17:30 End of day 2

Implants in Practice
Lecture Speakers

Moderators: Anthony Summerwill, Charlotte Stilwell
9:00 The interface – where does the restoring clinician fit in Urs Belser
9:45 The age of the overdenture Frauke Mueller
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Abutment selection made simple Eoin O’Sullivan
11:30 Developing and maintaining soft tissue aesthetics Shakeel Shahdad
12:00 Reduced diameter implants – the surgical indication versus the prosthetic challenge Mike Heffernan
12:30 Questions and Answers
12:45 Lunch


Moderators: Maria Retzepi, Jonathon Schofield
13:45 Digital photography – a picture’s worth Alessandro Devigus
14:30 Digital imaging Daniel Wismeijer
15:15 Tea
15:45 Computer technology in surgical implant dentistry Daniel Wismeijer
16:30 Computer technology in prosthetic implant dentistry Daniel Thoma
17:15 Questions and Answers
17:30 End of ITI Congress UK & Ireland
Parallel session for technicians
Lecture Speakers

Moderator: Larry Browne
8:00 Implant retained overdentures – troubleshooting for CDTs Frauke Mueller
9:00 Occlusal management of implant borne restorations James Hamill
10:00 What is the point of teamwork? Chris Barrow
10:45 Coffee
11:15 An update on clinical dentistry for dental technicians Daniel Wismeijer
12:00 Digital dentistry in technical practice Ashley Byrne
12:45 Moderated questions all session speakers
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Computer-guided surgery – planning for success Stephen Barter
14:45 Computer-guided surgery – the technicians view point Vincent Fehmer
15:30 Tea
16:00 Excellence in aesthetics with modern materials Oliver Brix
16:45 Moderated questions all session speakers
17:30 End of ITI Congress UK & Ireland

For info contact:
ITI International Team for Implantology
ITI Education International
Peter Merian-Weg 10
CH-4052 Basel/Switzerland
Email: education[at]
Phone: +41 61 270 83 97
Fax: +41 61 270 83 84?

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