Teach your children well to “bridge the gap”

I have a fervent and long held belief in the power of the Internet for collegial mentorship. A recent email blast from the JCDA indicated that the editor wishes to create a collegial panel and forum for Canadian dentists to have “clinical tech support” and I applaud the effort and hope that it meets with success.

Offering a critique is how you learn. The power of a mistake is the ability to correct it and learn from it and achieve success. The peril is that in offering the critique, it can be perceived as criticism when in fact it is nothing of the sort. It is a manifestation of Bayesian Theory, the ability to move beyond what we accept and fundamentally embrace that an altered perspective both subjectively and objectively can reframe our belief in the outcome.

The examples below are endodontic in their primal origin, but endodontics lives and dies on the restorative and periodontal continuum that coexists in the milieu of the oral cavity. Please take a moment to review the cases and considering offering critique (in comments) on why in each case the endodontics has succeeded, however, why the periodontal and restorative components could lead to failure.

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