Well, we’re moving on up……

There were endless reasons why Melissa and Catherine reached out to Dr. Reena Gajjar of MyDentalHub to develop MyDentalChronicles on www.mydentalbuddies.com which in collaboration with www.oralhealthjournal.com will offer daily clinical case reports in time.  The editorial board of Oral Health represents a vast reservoir of talent, knowledge and skill and once they begin posting their cases to MyDentalChronicles, then MyDentalHub can provide graphics and animations to supplement the cases.

The concept is being grasped by many – I would urge you to visit the link below and get a sense of how we will all learn in the future and more specifically on Oral Health’s website.

http://www.dental-tribune.com/articles/content/id/5576/scope/news/region/usa – just copy and plug this link in your browser – MOVEABLE TYPE IS GIVING ME A HARD TIME – ARGGHHH!!

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