You KNEAD an iPAD……

It boggles the mind…

Here are 15 reasons why your dental practice Needs an iPad:

  1. Using the KeyNote app you can show your patients powerful before and after pictures in a creative presentation.
  2. Have more than one office? Conduct a staff meeting that all of your offices can participate in by using the GoToMeeting or Webex app.
  3. Are you a pediatric dentist? There are plenty of games and puzzle applications that you can download to keep children entertained while you discuss treatment plans and options with their parents.
  4. Is your practice listed on FourSquare? Have your patients ‘check-in’ to your practice upon arrival so you stay on other potential patients’ social media ‘radar.’
  5. Download the Pandora app and let your patient choose the ‘artist station’ that they want to listen to during their exam or procedure.
  6. Use the iPad to teach patients. You can use animations, diagrams, charts, etc. to teach patients about specific diseases and conditions.
  7. If you are trying to collect practice improvement information, simply install the PollDaddy app and create a patient-ready survey in no time! They can take it while waiting the few minutes for the post-hygiene check, or anytime you might need to fill a small window of chair time.
  8. Do you post informative (or even fun) videos on YouTube? Click on the YouTube app and share with your videos with your patients while they are waiting.
  9. Have a Facebook Business Page? Why not have your patient’s ‘like’  and check-in to your business page while they are in the chair.
  10. Take patient notes on your iPad and say goodbye to pen and paper! There are tons of apps that were created to transform a traditional paper-based workflow over to the the iPad with ease! Take a look at thePenultimate app.
  11. Have some additional thoughts on a patient after hours? Download the Dragon Dictation app and you can dictate your ideas to your iPad and then send them off as an email, or save for a later time.
  12. You can stream movies from the Netflix app to help your patients relax and move through the visit.
  13. How about your e-newsletter? At Get Results Marketing & Business Coaching we use MailChimp and love it! At the end of your patient’s visit, you can suggest they join your mailing list and present them with the iPad to enter their email address. MailChimp has a great kiosk-style app called Chimpadeedoo that you can use to collect your patient’s email addresses in no time!
  14. Ipad application development is becoming huge. Many large dental companies are jumping on board because they want to help you streamline and modernize how you are recording your patient information. Our next show guests on “The Whole Tooth”, Matt Dorey and Jim Pack from Curve Dental have been working on an iPad application called Curve Questionnaire. Curve Questionnaire complements their web-based software and will be free to all Curve Dental customers.
  15. Need a quick way to update all of your main social media networks about a special offer that you are running next week? Then download the Hootsuite app and have the power to coordinate everyone one of them.

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