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July 22, 2009 News General PracticeOral Health

OSAP Symposium Great Success

by Oral Health

OSAP Attendees Electrified by Infection Control Program ANNAPOLIS, MD: July 21, 2009 – More than 200 OSAP Symposium attendees from around the world braved a severe electrical storm, tornado warnings, and even an evacuation at the 2009 Symposium, “Infection Prevention:

June 4, 2009 News General PracticeOral Health

Journal of Periodontology and The American Journal of Cardiology Develop Clinical Recommendations on the Treatment of Periodontitis and Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease

by Oral Health

Cardiovascular disease (CVD), the leading killer in the United States, is a major public health issue contributing to 2,400 deaths each day. Periodontal disease, a chronic inflammatory disease that destroys the bone and tissues that support the teeth affects nearly

June 3, 2009 News General PracticeOral Health

Canadian Health Care Anti-fraud Association

by Oral Health

Canadian Health Care Anti-fraud Association 2009 Annual ConferenceTheme: “Eliminate Fraud: Play a Leading Role” October 1st & 2nd, 2009 Hyatt Regency Toronto370 King Street WestToronto, ON, CanadaM5V 1J9Join delegates from insurance companies, benefit sponsors, law enforcement and professional organizations across

May 12, 2009 News General PracticeOral Health

Pacific Dental Conference 2010

by Oral Health

April 15th – 17th, 2010Pacific Dental ConferenceContinuing Education and Trade Show Vancouver Convention CentreBritish Columbia,  CanadaWebsite: www.pdconf.com

April 16, 2009 News General PracticeOral HealthOrthodontics

Ontario Association of Orthodontists Slate of New Officers for the 2009-2010 session

by Toronto, Ontario

Ontario Association of Orthodontists are please to inform you of the slate of new officers for the 2009-2010 session. President: Dr. Sheila Smith Vice Presidnt: Dr. Graeme Hibberd Immediate Past President: Dr. Jim Posluns For more information, contract: www.oao.on.ca

March 18, 2009 News General PracticeOral Health

Prevora to be Marketed to All Canadian Dental Offices

by Toronto and Brantford, Ontario

Prevora, the only Health Canada approved preventive treatment of adult tooth decay at the gum line (root caries), now the number one dental disease in many dental offices, will be marketed across Canada starting in April 2009.  This new, in-office

February 13, 2009 News General PracticeOral Health

Research Day February 25

by Oral Health

Make plans to attend Research Day at the University of Manitoba, on Wednesday, February 25, 2009. Review an array of posters, hear interesting presentations and earn Continuing Dental Education credits at the Faculty of Dentistry’s annual showcase of scientific research.

February 13, 2009 News General PracticeOral Health

American Dental Association’s 23rd New Dentist Conference in Miami

by Oral Health

Distinguished speakers are slated to discuss oral health issues currently before Congress and their impact on the dental profession as well as clinical and practice issues at the American Dental Association (ADA) 23rd New Dentist Conference at the Hyatt Regency

February 10, 2009 News General PracticeOral Health

Survey Finds Smile Is “Most Attractive” Physical Feature

by Oral Health

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and what do people find most attractive in others? The smile. A national survey from the American Dental Association and Crest® and Oral B® finds that the smile outranked eyes, hair and the body

Table 1
December 1, 2007 Feature General Practice

An Assessment of Dental Fear and Anxiety: Comparing Doctor and Patient Perceptions

by Oral Health

Jesse Hollander

June 1, 2007 Feature General Practice


by Kenneth Hamin, DMD, BSc

Imagine hearing a story that you know realistically could be the truth, but when you sit down and dissect it, the story seems surreal. We all remember what we were doing when we heard the news about the planes crashing

FIGURE 3--Cranial sacral therapy -- craniosacral therapy can easily be done in the dental setting at the end of a long appointment to help relax fatigued muscles.
March 1, 2007 Feature General Practice

Complementary Dental Therapies and Their Education

by Gary Fortinsky, DDS

The topic of complementary health care may be new or unfamiliar to some. Therefore, the basic concepts of the philosophy and thought behind this kind of care will be introduced first. Knowledge of the basis of this philosophy helps one

Janice Goodman is the restorative dentistry editor for Oral Health.
March 1, 2007 Feature General Practice

Spa Dentistry

by Oral Health

Janice Goodman, DDS

March 1, 2007 Feature General Practice

Use of Enhanced Digital Communication in Conservative Indirect Restorative Treatment: A Case Study

by David Avery, AAS, CDT and Edward J. Swift, Jr., DMD, MS

The contemporary clinician faces many challenges in the routine practice of general dentistry. The required range of abilities and knowledge grows almost exponentially as dental science benefits from the effects of the digital transfer of data. Yet restoration of the

FIGURE 7--Well executed dual-arch quadrant impression taken with an inflexible metal tray and materials whose viscosities are designed for the technique employed (Quad Tray X-treme and Inflex heavy body impression material, Clinical Research Dental).
March 1, 2007 Feature General Practice

A Philosophical Approach to Selecting an Impression Technique

by Robert R. Cowie, DDS, FAGD, Leendert (Len) Boksman, DDS, B.Sc, F.A.D.I., F.I.C.D.

There has been an emphasis over the last decade in dentistry to make evidence-based treatment decisions, that is to use documented research rather than anecdotal evidence that a particular treatment is advantageous to a patient and that treatment is then

In the "greeter" area -- large open space leads to the comforts within.
March 1, 2007 Feature General Practice

The New “Zen” Dentistry — Spa Meets the Dental Office

by Gloria Fine

When was the last time a trip to the dentist was considered a pleasurable experience? It is unlikely that patients would associate such a visit with the relaxing sounds of waves lapping the shore, surrounded by cool breezes at their

March 1, 2007 Feature General Practice

How the T-Scan II Occlusal Analysis System Simplifies Occlusal Adjustments in Clinical Practice

by Robert B. Kerstein, DMD

The T Scan II Occlusal Analysis System (Tekscan, inc. Boston, MA) is a clinical adjunct that precisely measures occlusal contact timing sequences in real time, as well as, the occlusal forces contained within the sequenced occlusal contacts. It is a

March 1, 2007 Feature General Practice

Restoration of a Transpositioned Canine: A Case Report

by David Greenberg, HBSc, DDS

This case study is presented as a long term approach to a rare condition not often encountered in everyday practice. Transposition of the maxillary canine to the central incisor position is an extremely rare phenomenon. The occurrence of all transpositions

March 1, 2007 Feature General Practice

Introduction to the Use of Essential Oils for Dental Practitioners

by Janice Goodman

Using essential oils in the dental office is fun and useful. I started using essential oils in my general dental practice after taking a rigorous program of study. I feel it is not necessary for a dental practitioner to have

FIGURE 6--Medlite C6 multi wavelength nanosecond laser technology.
March 1, 2007 Feature General Practice

The Natural Evolution for the ‘Laser Dentist’; the Dental Spa

by Christopher Schmid

It’s 9:15 am and Mrs. Millward has arrived for her dental appointment. Today’s visit will involve some cosmetic tissue re-contouring with your surgical laser followed by a closed flap laser osseous re-contour in preparation for immediate impressions and temporaries. Your