Get Your Practice Back On Track With “The Three Vs“

by Dr. Maguire

Are you happy with the way your dental practice is progressing? How are your relationships with your team members and with your patients? Are you consistently receiving 5-star reviews? How are your numbers? Is your practice growing? If you are unhappy with any of the above items, I suggest you take a look at The Three Vs: Values, Vision, and Voice.

Values are the non-negotiables in our lives. These are the things that are most meaningful to us, things we would “go to the mat for.” They are personal and unique for each of us. Examples of some personal values might include: honesty, integrity, transparency, spending time with family, etc. Some practice values might include: technical excellence, timeliness, cleanliness, appreciation, efficiency, fiscal responsibility. So why are values so important? When violated, our personal and practice lives will be “out of whack.” Frustration, anger, helplessness, and despair are some emotions we might feel. So, start with Step 1a- take an inventory of your values. Make a list of what’s most important to you, as many as come to mind. Then choose your top ten and prioritize them. Once you know what’s most important to you, figure out the steps you need to take to make them a reality. For Step 2b- do the same exercise with your team. Have them each identify and prioritize their own personal values. And the final step, Step 3c- combine your findings and do the same exercise to identify your shared practice values. This exercise alone will propel you and your team forward towards a more fun and productive workplace.

Once you and your team know what you value the most, write out the vision for your dental practice. As you write out your practice vision statement, think about how you want to practice and what the ideal team member looks like. Think about your practice setting and how you want to relate to your patients. Get a clear picture in your mind, write it down, and then communicate it. If someone asks you, “What is the vision for your practice?”, you should be able to articulate it clearly and succinctly. Stating your practice vision should be as automatic as breathing.

When you know who you are (your values) and how you want to live (your vision), your thinking changes. And when your thoughts change, your behavior changes. And as a result, your words and actions will become authentic, intentional, and magnetic. Patients will be attracted to you and your staff because you are “the real deal.”

As you strive for more happiness, more joy, and more financial success, consider looking at “The Three Vs” before you look at your office systems. Often times, the problems we face in our practices are the result of our own “stinking thinking.”

Trust me when I say that your life and your practice will be more productive and fun when you live your life in alignment with your values, your vision, and your voice.

About the Author

Dr. Maguire recently retired at age 60 after practicing for 28 years as a solo practitioner in Wolfeboro, NH. He attributes his success to the deep relationships he made with his patients and team. His practice thrived without the influence of PPOs or Premiere programs with set fees. In addition to his DDS, Dr. Maguire has an MA degree in Strategic Communication and Leadership from Seton Hall University. If you’d like more information on how Dr. Maguire can help you get your practice back on track, visit or contact him at or 603.759.2931.

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