Office Design: Stoney Creek Dental, A Breath of Fresh Air

Stoney Creek DentalStoney Creek DentalStoney Creek Dental

This bright and airy practice is situated in the heart of the Stoney Creek community – hence it’s name. When first discussing the project with our client, Dr. Allen Park, it became evident that this new location was his opportunity to re-invent the branding and identity for Stoney Creek Dental, while also allowing to aim for improvement on functionality of everyday operations of an already established practice.

Antham Construction Group, along with De Style Design Inc. and Patterson Dental took on this challenge, coordinating efforts in order to achieve the best result while keeping the client objectives and requirements in mind.

We started from understanding the way our client conducted his everyday activities and proceeded with analysis of lighting, as well as such functional elements as shaping a large reception desk with multiple payment stations, ample reception waiting and a welcoming kids area.

Thus the plans of the new clinic began to take shape.


Everyone on the design and construction team used their skills and expertise to review and amend the emerging design, in order to best reflect the vision of the client.

Once the layout plan solidified, the design team proceeded with infusing the space with character.

The overall materials palette was designed to facilitate a warm and welcoming environment, while the splash of orange is strategically placed to offer a sense of branding and identity, as well as navigating patients and staff alike.

The light and airy feel, created by a multitude of glass panels foster a sense of openness and transparency, another element which puts the patients’ minds at ease, when visiting their neighbourhood dentist.

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