Office Space: Oris Dental Clinics

by Darcie Galbraith, BA, Interior Design Coach; Peter Barry, C.M.C. Practice Success Coach

Oris Dental Clinics

THE WHY: The Owner’s Story

Oris Dental Clinics is in Richmond Hill, Ontario. It is the first location and the dreamchild of a planned expanding network of practices. The four doctors (Masoud Varshosaz, Behnam Bohluli, Ali Shakib, and Maziar Shahzad Dowlatshahi) are not only proud business partners but also highly experienced practicing clinicians with an impressive history of educational achievements, including foreign-trained specialties, published articles, and experience teaching in highly respected institutions and organizations. Their practice provides a broad spectrum of multidisciplinary dental specialty services and referral-based patient care. They are also passionate about providing practitioners with hands-on CE and clinical mentorship training. Dr. Bohluli and Dr. Varshosaz are board-certified in oral surgery and radiology, respectively. This enables the overall practice to provide a comprehensive, integrated approach to diagnosing and treatment planning for patient care. The four partners initially met in Iran while studying in their respective specialty programs at the university. Over the years, they became close friends and skilled professional colleagues who eventually aspired to open this flagship, state-of-the-art, 5300-sq-ft facility.

Oris Dental Clinics

THE HOW: Planning & Preparation

They arrived in Canada in 2014, excited to serve society through their love of dentistry. In 2019, they felt established enough to begin their entrepreneurial journey. The search started for an ideal space that would be large enough to hold 11 spacious operatories. This challenging venture took many hours of patience, dedication, and collaboration. They were looking for a functional space in a central location that is easily accessible to patients and guests. Their real estate agent suggested they wait for three adjacent corner units (combined during construction) in a plaza with ample parking and excellent street exposure. After securing the overall space, they began working with the experts to plan the design, select the equipment, and prepare for construction. Visiting multiple specialty clinics and collaborating with peers before securing the space enabled them to get clear on their aesthetic tastes and desires for function and flow. They eventually decided to go with fewer but more prominent and spacious operatories for better workflow.

Oris Dental Clinics

THE RESULTS: Technical Design Features

After finding the space in December 2021, they secured the lease and began construction in March 2022. Construction was finished by August, officially allowing them to open their doors in September 2022. There are three functional divisions within the office. The first section consists of fully equipped, high-tech, state-of-the-art operatories for the various multidisciplinary clinical services. The second section is a state-of-the-art oral and maxillofacial radiology clinic that enhances diagnoses and treatment planning. It has a separate entrance and reception area for optimal patient experience and workflow. The third section is the educational center, where they host lectures, team meetings, and other community events inside a large, beautifully designed boardroom with a welcoming kitchenette area. The boardroom is adjacent to a high-tech, fully-equipped operatory with a floor-to-ceiling window that allows viewing live procedures for educational purposes. The overall décor consists of cool gray and white tones with contrasting deep-rooted black designs to portray a sophisticated, modern, clean look.

THE IMPACT: Empowered Practice Outcomes

Oris has skillfully designed its flagship facility so that each patient receives a high-quality, comfortable experience that reflects excellence in every area of the practice. A commitment to excellence is evident throughout the space, and in the stunning, life-changing smiles their clinicians and highly skilled team create. They are excited to provide star-quality treatment in their newly opened practice, designed with people in mind. In addition, the dental education center is now an exciting part of their “lifelong learning commitment” to the profession. It is a place where they can provide cutting-edge continuing education and training by utilizing multiple interactive formats for clinical growth and development.

Equipment Supplier: Patterson Dental
Interior Design: Nilsson Design
Construction: Canadian Dental Construction
Equipment Manufacturer: Plan Meca

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