Office Space: Toronto Smile Design Yorkville Dental

by Darcie Galbraith, BA, Interior Design Coach; Peter Barry, C.M.C. Practice Success Coach

THE WHY: The Owner’s Story

Dr. Johnson Ozgur is extremely proud of his stunning new office, Toronto Smile Design Yorkville Dental. After graduating from dental school in 2008, he enjoyed ten years of clinical practise as a principal dentist running his clinic in Turkey. In 2011, he began his Digital Smile Design (DSD) journey by joining a worldwide community of like-minded dental professionals who enjoy learning and implementing its process for achieving excellence in dentistry. In 2018, his wife and two kids decided to move to Canada. He enthusiastically completed all licencing exams in under a year, then practised as an associate while looking for an ideal space/location to launch his dream DSD-inspired boutique start-up. Finally, in March of 2021, he found the perfect spot on the 2nd floor of a condo building in a popular part of Toronto – the Yorkville area.

THE HOW: Planning & Preparation

His real-estate agent initially began the lease negotiations that went on for approximately five months. His lawyer took another five months ironing out those details before the lease was officially ready to be legal. He realized how important it is to proactively involve all experts as early as possible in the planning stages to navigate the complexities of all start-ups. Construction began in March 2022, and took seven months to complete. Dr. Ozgur gained early access to the commercial unit below to get a timely jump on things. This enabled the contractor to prepare preliminary plumbing work through the unit’s ceiling below before getting the keys to his new space above. To achieve a clean, cable-free look, they invested a sizable electrical wiring budget into running a comprehensive network of outlets throughout the infrastructure of the walls. Each room now has abundant close access to power outlets for charging or powering the copious technologies in separate areas. Multiple screens, Google Assistant, speakers, and I-robot vacuums are placed strategically throughout the state-of-the-art facility.

THE RESULTS: Technical Design Features

Opening an office in the multicultural community of Yorkville allowed him to bring a worldly flare to the practice’s design. The neighbourhood is a top destination for high-end consumers visiting its boutique stores, chic cafés, trending bars, and fine dining restaurants. Overall, the practice has a darkly-toned, richly-coloured modern-European vibe that radiates sophistication and class. Contrasting shades are juxtaposed to create a sense of depth that draws people into the clinic. They also imported a beautiful, handcrafted emerald-green marble reception desk which doubles as an artistic focal point. The hues of gray create a stimulating visual appeal that tastefully blends the floors, furniture, and décor, making the overall atmosphere feel cohesive and subtly energizing to visitors. Unique textures and patterns are added to create a livelier appeal. Upon entering the practice, patients can also see a fully equipped photography studio where people are encouraged to participate and experience their esthetic transformations as they come to life.

THE IMPACT: Empowered Practice Outcomes

As a DSD instructor, Dr. Ozgur is proud of his DSD-inspired practice, where they strive to achieve excellence in dentistry, using technologies to improve workflow and communication with the patient. They are excited to touch the lives of the people they serve by involving them in designing their new smile and reproducing it with the best possible accuracy. Ultimately, their goal is to see 2-3 patients per day, where they provide a boutique level of care that is empowering, memorable, and inspiring to everyone they have the privilege to serve.

Equipment Supplier: Henry Schein
Interior Design: Belen Design
Construction: Cornerstone Construction

About the Authors

Darcie is co-founder of Bella Vita Designs Inc, an interior design company specializing in creating beautiful, functional spaces for start-ups, remodelling, expanding, or relocating your dream practice. To discuss your office space needs or to have your proud story & unique design featured, she can be reached at / IG @bellavitadesignsinc / 905-716-8528.

Peter is the Founder of Practice Mastery Inc., a Business Development Coaching company that serves the growth & development needs of your practice. His unique coaching empowers teams, principal dentists, associates & industry companies across North America to achieve extraordinary growth, higher income, and exceptional quality of life. FMI IG @peterbarrycoach,,, 416.568.5456.

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