Oral Health Recognizes Significant Corporate Milestones

William Colgate opened his small soap and candle business in 1806, one of the first establishments along Dutch Street in lower Manhattan. By 1873 the company had turned its attention to oral care and commercially produced the first nice smelling toothpaste. It was sold in a jar.

The 21st century has seen the introduction of toothpastes with Pro-Argin technology for hypersensitivity and nonaqueous hydrogen peroxide for outstanding whitening. Innovations such as Colgate 360°® and SlimSoft™ toothbrushes are solidifying Colgate’s position in the oral care market.

Patterson Dental

In 1877, Brothers Myron Fayette (M.F.) and John Patterson started Patterson Dental Company in a popular Milwaukee drugstore. The ever-ambitious pair strove to make the young company a success, with direct-to-you service (the brothers would drive entire wagon-loads of stock to nearby dental society meetings) and the promise that their word was their bond.

140 years later, Patterson Dental is going strong. The Patterson brothers’ ultimate desire to bring the best in dentistry directly to patients and practitioners is alive and well. Patterson remains committed to enhancing the patient experience and improving practice lifestyles.

Premier Dental

Premier was founded in 1913 and led by the Charlestein family for four generations and is one of the most trusted names in dentistry. Its products can be found in dentists’ offices around the world. That kind of ubiquity and longevity can be attributed to Premier’s dedication to establishing a long-running relationship of trust with its customers.

When Julie Charlestein took over in June 2016 as CEO and President of Premier Dental, she saw a challenge to move the company forward. She has undertaken a number of initiatives to bolster brand awareness, further boost Premier’s reputation for quality and innovation, and continue to reach out to customers to build lasting relationships.

From its inception in 1956, Ivoclar Vivadent has always valued passion, vision, and innovation. Their passion for better dentistry, vision for better products and world-class innovation is the starting point behind each product they bring to market. These three values were the building blocks that lead to the creation of IPS e.max – the world’s most trusted all-ceramic system.

With dentistry moving into a more digital-focused world, Ivoclar has created a Digital line that will continue to push the boundaries of dental esthetics. Ivoclar Digital is comprised of a comprehensive digital product portfolio and optimized digital production procedures for dental practices and dental laboratories.

Crest was originally introduced in southern Ontario in October, 1960, and expanded nationally the following March. Crest’s national introduction was so successful that it gained a substantial market share in just eight months. By 1964, it was the country’s leading toothpaste.

Crest revolutionized preventive dentistry in Canada and forever changed the consumer’s perception of toothpaste from a cleaner to a cavity preventer. The dentifrice market has also changed dramatically: toothpaste sales have almost tripled; fluoride brands have grown from five to eighty-five per cent of the market, which is worth $80 million annually to the trade.

The Aurum Group

Cergo was purchased by Mr. Maier in 1971 and re-launched as Aurum Ceramic® Dental Laboratories Ltd. Recognizing the need for a universal brand covering all of Aurum Ceramic and its affiliated companies, The Aurum Group was registered in 2013 in Canada and in the US in 2014. Still family-owned, the Aurum Group is headed by its founder Hans Maier as Board Chair, Mark Maier as CEO, Grant Maier VP and Tanya Penalva as the company’s legal counsel.

The formation of DSD Global is the culmination of extensive strategic planning to bring leading companies and thought leaders together to create a powerhouse platform of distinct business verticals that can both – individually and collectively – provide clinics and labs the systems, tools, and know-how to deliver comprehensive digital dentistry to patients.

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