Oral Probiotics: A Window to Novel Therapeutic Possibilities for Gum Disease

Host-associated bacteria exist on a continuum, from commensals with low virulence and beneficial properties to disease-causing pathogens whose colonization can be deadly.1 As microbiomes evolve, … more

Gel Treats Gum Disease by Fighting Inflammation

Targeted topical therapy offers promise as at-home treatment A topical gel that blocks the receptor for a metabolic byproduct called succinate treats gum disease by … more

Severe Gum Disease is Associated with Impaired Lung Function

Lung function declines with increasingly severe gum disease, according to research presented at EuroPerio10, a world congress in periodontology and implant dentistry organized by the … more

Evidence Grows for Vaping’s Role in Gum Disease

Research confirms unique community of bacteria and immune responses among people who use e-cigarettes A series of new studies by researchers at NYU College of … more

Study Confirms Association Between Lupus and Gum Disease

A newly published meta-analysis shows that lupus is significantly associated with periodontitis (gum disease). Periodontitis is a serious infection characterized by inflammation of the gums, which can … more

Systemic Inflammation

Helping Patients Live Longer and Better Lives

A New look at Systemic Inflammation, Microbiome, Gum Disease Diagnosis, Treatment and Keeping Dental/Gum Disease in Remission Traditionally in dentistry we have been taught to … more