A White Smile for Your Patients During the Holidays with Curaprox Black is White Toothpaste!

During these challenging times, Oral Science wishes to continue bringing positivity to dental offices and patients! This is why we are happy to help dental offices offer the Curaprox Black is White, a premium Swiss non-abrasive activated carbon toothpaste, as an ideal gift for the Holidays period. Let’s put a happy white smile on your patients for the holidays!

Activated carbon must not be confused with raw charcoal powder toothpastes which should be avoided by patients. Activated carbon is created by mixing charcoal powder into the toothpaste at the manufacturing stage, creating an homogenous non-abrasive product that whitens teeth by absorbing stains, while charcoal powder whitens by rubbing particles against the teeth.

To learn more about this technology, please visit https://pro.oralscience.com/blogs/news/curaprox-black-is-white-the-activated-carbon-whitening-toothpaste-of-reference.

To learn more about how Oral Science can help you offer this fantastic gift to your patients during the Holidays, please contact our Customer Service at 1 888 442.7070 !

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