Altima Dental Celebrates and Highlights $160 MM in New Partnership Growth During 2019

Altima Dental is celebrating a record-breaking year after increasing the total number of dental clinics by 60% and adding over $160 million in partnership value in 2019. Altima solidified a stronger presence in 6 provinces and now operates under 33 banners. With the largest network of partner-owned clinics in Canada, Altima continues to gain momentum across the country for their individualized partnership model. Standalone practices as well as entrepreneurial groups have experienced how Altima’s culture can help them achieve their growth goals with much lower risk and more upside than they would have on their own or with other Dental Service Organizations (DSOs).

Altima’s 2019 marquee transactions helped establish the largest DSO platform in Quebec. These partnerships with likeminded, care focused, business conscious individuals are mutually beneficial and will allow all partners to continue to grow for years to come.

Altima will continue to accelerate growth through 2020 by continuously focusing on the group providing the highest quality of patient care and nurturing the company culture that makes Altima such desirable place to work. Altima’s pipeline of potential partnerships already under offer in 2020 is larger than the 2019 total partnership value combined.

About Altima Dental:

Altima Dental is one of Canada’s largest and longest-standing premier dental groups. Founded and led by dentists (Dr. George Christodoulou [] and Dr. Sven Grail []) who  understand the passion of providing oral healthcare and achieving personal and professional advancement. Altima understands when partnering with a Dental Group it is important to maintain the dentist’s vision, values and carry on their legacy for years to come. Altima is focused on superior patient care, best clinical practices and true partnership with dentists.For more information about Altima Dental and what partnership could mean to you, please visit: