Antimicrobial Technology Firm Nobio Finalizes Investment by aMoon Fund and Dr. Ole Jensen

Nobio Ltd., developer of embedded, long-acting antimicrobial particle technology, today announced the closing of a $3.6 million investment by aMoon Fund and Dr. Ole Jensen. The proprietary, non-soluble Nobio particles feature high anti-microbial activity that does not involve chemical interaction with the microorganisms nor release of any substance, and are designed to have non-toxic and long-lasting effect, unlike soluble antimicrobial substances. Contrary to coatings, Nobio particles are designed to be permanently embedded within a broad range of materials, thereby converting the material into an antibacterial version without changing its properties. The company recently completed development of a line of dental restorative products, including an adhesive and resin-based composites, incorporating the Nobio antimicrobial technology. The investment will fund the regulatory submissions for the dental products, the establishment of a manufacturing facility and market introduction.

“Protecting composite restorations from the harmful effect of oral bacteria in the form of plaque has been a challenge, and Nobio’s technology was specifically designed to address this major, unmet need,” said Nobio CEO Yoram Ashery. “We’re fortunate to have strategic investors like the aMoon Fund and Dr. Jensen, who bring valuable insights and share our vision for the potential of our antimicrobial technology to become a new standard.”

Dental caries (tooth decay) is the most common chronic infection in the world. Composite restorations (tooth-colored fillings) are very popular, but fail primarily due to caries forming at the restoration margins. About two-thirds of procedures are replacements of failed earlier restorations. Replacement dentistry costs $5 billion a year in the U.S. alone.

Nobio is also developing the use of its technology in several high-volume industrial applications as well as medical devices to prevent device-related infections, a major healthcare-associated complication and cost driver. The company has enlisted the services of Cellerant Consulting Group and Norman Hicks Consulting to bring their antimicrobial technology to the U.S.

Nobio has recently been featured in Dental Products Report as an example of what technologies to look forward to in the future. Read about Nobio in The True Science Fiction of Future Dentistry and A composite technology to prevent secondary caries on

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About Dr. Ole Jensen
Ole T. Jensen, D.D.S., M.S. is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and dentist, and a co-founder of ClearChoice, the largest U.S. network of dental implant clinics, recently acquired by Sun Capital. Dr. Jensen holds teaching appointments and lectures at numerous leading academic institutions around the world, has been involved in numerous independent research projects, and is the author of five textbooks and more than 75 academic papers and publications on oral surgery.

About Nobio
Nobio’s antimicrobial particle technology is designed to convert standard materials to antimicrobial. The technology has a long-term effect, can be embedded in a broad range of materials, and has potential applications in dental, medical, industrial and consumer products. The company is now preparing to obtain regulatory clearance of the technology before commercialization in various dental products and is in advanced development for other markets. To read more, visit