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Battle Over a National Dental Care Plan Looming with Provinces

April 21, 2022
by National Post

A jurisdictional battle with the provinces could be looming over the dental care program that’s a centerpiece of the confidence deal between the federal Liberal government and the NDP.

The federal budget said the dental care program would become available to some Canadians before the end of the year, with eligibility expanding after that. But the provinces see dental care as falling within their jurisdiction — and going that route with the program would almost certainly mean delays to its implementation.

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3 Comments » for Battle Over a National Dental Care Plan Looming with Provinces
  1. Healing fissure sealants prevent 85% of cavities. Enamel naturally forms with vulnerable fissures, which WILL decay over time. If every Canadian was given a Federal $50 per year dental benefit; *strictly for the placement and maintenance of fissure sealants*, we can eliminate tooth decay disease in Canada.
    Xylitol and Erythritol should be dispensed at schools, long term care and mental health care facilities to eliminate the final 15% risk of tooth decay.

  2. Well, few realize the high cost of practising Dentistry. Sounds exciting Free dentistry! The government of Canada has done a very poor job on Medicare and fairness to those delivering our health Care. Mediocrity is the NDP plan. No one should make more money than anyone else!
    Wrong watch how this program fails ! Nothing folks is free … try going to the grocery store… say I can’t pay…

  3. Elham says:

    If the government wants to take care of his low income people, he should do it out of his pocket not dentists’ pocket. We already pay our tax and it is not fair to put this financial pressure on our shoulder.

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