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BC Dentists Dismayed by Absence of Dedicated Seat on New Oral Health College Board

August 9, 2022
by British Columbia Dental Association

Photo: BCDA

The BC Dental Association (BCDA) is shocked and appalled after learning that BC’s new Oral Health Regulatory College has chosen to not provide dentists with a dedicated position on its Board, in its revised proposed bylawsThis is in stark contrast to registered dental hygienists, certified dental assistants, registered dental technicians, and registered denturists, each of whom enjoy a guaranteed position on the Board.

Dentists own and operate the vast majority of dental practices in British Columbia. Supported by their teams of certified dental assistants and registered dental hygienists, dentists have the broadest scope of practice and carry the ultimate responsibility and risk for their patients’ oral health.

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1 Comment » for BC Dentists Dismayed by Absence of Dedicated Seat on New Oral Health College Board
  1. Michael G Christensen says:

    This is just another page in the book of removal of self regulation, and truly private practice itself for all health professionals across the country. Truly the only “self” remaining in self regulation in Ontario is we are required to pay for the whole top heavy, undemocratic, ever expanding, Orwellian, civil rights removing regulatory body in this province ourselves. I live in Ontario and have the RCDSO as a regulatory body. We as dentists witness the removal of the civil rights of dentists across the province on a continuous daily basis here at the hands of the RCDSO. We suffer of course. But a more compelling issue is that the patients across the province suffer severely, and the Minister of Health is complicit in the process and has been every step of the way. It has been a precipitous downward slide into the abyss for the entire 30 years I have been a member of this disgraceful organization. I strongly believe no citizen of Canada should have basic civil rights stripped away because of a civilian career choice, but this is precisely what the RCDSO has done and continues to do. It is my understanding that dentists in BC deal with the same kind of 1930’s in Germany silencing of any opposition that we deal with at the hands of the RCDSO. I declare without reservation that the RCDSO is the single most destructive influence in Dentistry in Canada and has been for at least two decades. I also declare that it’s all part of the plan to remove private practice dentistry from healthcare across the country and has been for decades. Tighten the screws a little more, a little more, and a little more until eventually even the private practice dentists are begging the government to take over the entire field. Mark my words. This is what is happening—and dental associations across the country need to actively, openly, and loudly (and in court) oppose this if we wish to have private practice in any form in this land. It is my opinion that at least in Ontario, the dental association is complicit in this action and has been for quite some time. RCDSO only understands brute force—and court action and defiance in the public press and social media is the only way to apply that force. Without it, private practice in the country will die and it won’t be very many years until it does.

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