Botched Procedure by Woman Accused of Posing as Dentist Allegedly Sent Patient to Hospital

A Georgia woman who was arrested last week stands accused for a second time of operating on patients and performing dental procedures without having a license to practice.

Krista Szewczyk, whose work sent at least one patient to the hospital for a massive abscess in his throat, was first accused of falsely posing as a dentist in 2012, but the case was allegedly considered a conflict of interest since her husband was a sheriff’s deputy, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

Senior assistant district attorney Matthew Rollins told the news outlet that part of the deal in 2012 was that she enter a pre-trial diversion program, but that their records now show that she did not abide by the terms.

“There are numerous new victims that are now under investigation, and we’ll have to follow up on those allegations and determine whether to re-present it to the grand jury,” Rollins said. “We’ll keep on fielding those calls and investigating the allegations as they come in.”

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