Call for Free Dental Care for Mouth Cancer Patients, Put an End to Discriminatory ‘Tax on Cancer’

Following treatment for mouth cancer, patients are faced with a series of long-term oral health issues, that often result in complex and expensive dental work. The charity estimates that mouth cancer sufferers could face dental costs of up to £1,500.00 over five years – around five times higher than that of the national average.

The Oral Health Foundation has labelled it a ‘tax on cancer’ and believes government should be supporting cancer patients financially in their aftercare.

Dr Chet Trivedy, trustee of the Oral Health Foundation and consultant at Kingston Hospital says: “In addition to the overwhelming emotional and psychological impact that mouth cancer can have, survivors can also be challenged with several oral health issues. Chronic toothache, tooth loss and dry mouth are just some of the common problems that require long-term dental care.

“Frequent dental treatment is often a necessity for mouth cancer victims. With NHS dental charges ranging from £21.60 to £256.60 in England, the recurring costs over the course of a year can be staggering.

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