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Can COVID-19 Damage Your Teeth And Mouth?

November 17, 2020
by Julia Ries, Huffington Post

COVID-19 was once thought to mainly affect the lungs, but throughout the pandemic we’ve learned that’s certainly not the case.

Now, more anecdotal reports are surfacing that the infection may have an impact on oral health. After being diagnosed with and recovering from COVID-19, people are sharing stories of how their teeth or gums weakened, with some saying that their teeth became discolored, broke or fell out.

It’s too soon to confirm a clear, well-established link between the coronavirus and oral health, and doctors will need much more data to figure out precisely what’s happening. But some health experts suspect that the coronavirus may directly infect the blood vessels and disrupt blood flow to our gums, teeth and tongue, causing pain and decay.

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21 Comments » for Can COVID-19 Damage Your Teeth And Mouth?
  1. Stella kosan says:

    My husband complains feeling that there is fuzzy stuff on his teeth and he can’t get rid of it, any suggestions?

  2. Patricia says:

    This is true. my husband and I had teeth falling out since covid19. Mine seems worse as my teeth continue to shatter of pieces. The latest is a pain from the teeth right into the nostril and into my head. By God’s grace I pray and tolerate the pain

    • Naeem says:

      Hi Patricia,

      Hope you are fine now. Wanted to know how did you over come this problem. I am facing similar problem after COVID recovery. Any suggestion are most welcome to help me get rid of the problem based on your experience

  3. Chelsea says:

    My gums are swollen and bleeding since I had it a few weeks ago and it’s so painful it hurts to even eat most things.

    • I have been viral for over 4 months, still ongoing but my covid test stated negative, but I feel as, if this is covid with covid symptoms, then my gums starting to feel sore inside my mouth, then the gum began to swell around a tooth, tooth then became painful and viral symptoms ongoing. I decided to Google if covid can effect teeth and came across many of you experiencing this. This area needs further publishing and research for sure, scary.

      • Linda Van Buren says:

        Hi Covid made my teeth decay ,crack and pieces starting breaking off my front teeth which were good teeth. 11 teeth pulled dentures put in. Now bottom teeth black at roots Need bottom denture. I think I have suffered enough. Linda

        • Angie says:

          I had Covid back in March 2020. I too have to get my teeth extracted and get implants with snap in dentures due to COVID. There was not any other explanation. I didn’t have any cavaties or decay in November of 2019 then tested positive for covid in March and went for cleaning in May and they said I had 9 cavities and lots of tooth decay. I still can’t fully smell or taste as well. This is going to cost me a fortune 🙁

  4. 3 teeth have broken off. They were not infected. Two are my front teeth. I was a dental tech, so I certainly know how to take care of my teeth. Is this coronavirus?

  5. Carole Johnson says:

    I also have lost a tooth, others feel very loose and my mouth is full of ulcers all the time and sore.
    I had Covid at Christmas

  6. Kayla says:

    So I tested positive for Covid on Nov13 2020 my problem was a Sinsus infection. We’re it was girl I didn’t take any antibiotics for it til December I took 10 days of doxycycline. It didn’t clear it. It continued to get worse then in January I took 14 days of Augementin. Then last week my right temp and top teeth started hurting went to dentist this last Friday to find out I need 3 root canals on my teeth under my sinsus. I’m still struggling and it’s all covid related

  7. wendy delcid says:

    ested positive DEC 23 and mild symptoms I had lost taste and smell shortness of breath fatigue brain fog we are 2 1/2 and I completely lost my smell 2 weeks ago my mouth has burning numb sensation my neck is stiff brain fog I got a few days ago mild bell palsey can any one relate my salavia glands under tongue hurt also

    • Kellie says:

      Yes! Had covid in January and a month ago my neck began to hurt. Now my tongue has been feeling weird and my gland under my tongue on the left side hurts. My cheek bone and ear hurt as well but not constantly.

  8. Joanne says:

    I had a very mild case of COVID and afterwards my teeth felt very fuzzy and one tooth got very painful. I just had to get it pulled. I took some oral probiotics and now my teeth and gum are healthy and clean. I think COVID effects the microbiome. Get an oral probiotic ASAP. I used hyperbiotics Pro-Dental.


      How long did you take to recover with the pro biotic? I tested positive Jan 1st 2021. I started having swollen gums in early Feb. I went to dentist and they said they are seeing it a lot but my teeth looked good otherwise. Going into may and my gums were randomly bleeding when I was not even eating. I asked my medical Dr and he said this is very common and could last months. I am going to try this pro biotic. Thank you for sharing!!

  9. Pamela Welsh says:

    i have had 2 root fillings and gums swollen and bleeding had covid in march 2000 stilloff work

  10. Venkatesan says:

    I’m tested positive 10 days ago. Now controlled the virus but my upper tooth line is paining. Teeths are very weak & I’m fearing that some teeths would break any time. The gums are also very weak. Nobody responds. No physician to respond me. Very much worried.

    • Vetriselvi says:

      My husband also have the same problem…upper gum are have gum boils and broken to release pus and blood.after covid recovery after 20 days have the gum pain and headache.still can’t recovered.pls hepl me anyone

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