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Can COVID-19 Damage Your Teeth And Mouth?

November 17, 2020
by Julia Ries, Huffington Post

COVID-19 was once thought to mainly affect the lungs, but throughout the pandemic we’ve learned that’s certainly not the case.

Now, more anecdotal reports are surfacing that the infection may have an impact on oral health. After being diagnosed with and recovering from COVID-19, people are sharing stories of how their teeth or gums weakened, with some saying that their teeth became discolored, broke or fell out.

It’s too soon to confirm a clear, well-established link between the coronavirus and oral health, and doctors will need much more data to figure out precisely what’s happening. But some health experts suspect that the coronavirus may directly infect the blood vessels and disrupt blood flow to our gums, teeth and tongue, causing pain and decay.

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57 Comments » for Can COVID-19 Damage Your Teeth And Mouth?
  1. Stella kosan says:

    My husband complains feeling that there is fuzzy stuff on his teeth and he can’t get rid of it, any suggestions?

    • SANJU SHARMA says:

      Hi, how is your husband now. My dad too is complaining of the same. Any suggestion please, as to what you did to get rid of it??

  2. Patricia says:

    This is true. my husband and I had teeth falling out since covid19. Mine seems worse as my teeth continue to shatter of pieces. The latest is a pain from the teeth right into the nostril and into my head. By God’s grace I pray and tolerate the pain

    • Naeem says:

      Hi Patricia,

      Hope you are fine now. Wanted to know how did you over come this problem. I am facing similar problem after COVID recovery. Any suggestion are most welcome to help me get rid of the problem based on your experience

    • Frishta says:

      Hi can I ask my dad he is on his 60 and got corona back home he is in oxygen and since yesterday he is got the Temperatures and somebody pain back and sore Tongue it’s his day 20 I’m very sad is itCommon please

      • Jenelle Lea says:

        Since having covid my teeth on bottom front have deterrated and are going black with in 12 days and my gums are bleeding that just started yesterday . And I have same dull pain with it.And I don’t have many teeth as it is .

  3. Chelsea says:

    My gums are swollen and bleeding since I had it a few weeks ago and it’s so painful it hurts to even eat most things.

    • I have been viral for over 4 months, still ongoing but my covid test stated negative, but I feel as, if this is covid with covid symptoms, then my gums starting to feel sore inside my mouth, then the gum began to swell around a tooth, tooth then became painful and viral symptoms ongoing. I decided to Google if covid can effect teeth and came across many of you experiencing this. This area needs further publishing and research for sure, scary.

      • Linda Van Buren says:

        Hi Covid made my teeth decay ,crack and pieces starting breaking off my front teeth which were good teeth. 11 teeth pulled dentures put in. Now bottom teeth black at roots Need bottom denture. I think I have suffered enough. Linda

        • Angie says:

          I had Covid back in March 2020. I too have to get my teeth extracted and get implants with snap in dentures due to COVID. There was not any other explanation. I didn’t have any cavaties or decay in November of 2019 then tested positive for covid in March and went for cleaning in May and they said I had 9 cavities and lots of tooth decay. I still can’t fully smell or taste as well. This is going to cost me a fortune 🙁

        • Christina Haskell Montandon says:

          I have the same thing happening. It’s so painful right now and Tylenol and Anne sop do not even touch the pain. I can’t stand it . My teeth are turning black and rotting away and I’ve had decent teeth with some issues because of smoking but this is way worse since having had Covid 2 months ago. I have to find a dentist or I’m afraid I’ll go septic. Teeth just crack fall apart and turn black around break . Like instantly turn black

    • Nicole says:

      Am positive with exactly the same feeling swollen gum an teeth pain which comes with bleeding

  4. 3 teeth have broken off. They were not infected. Two are my front teeth. I was a dental tech, so I certainly know how to take care of my teeth. Is this coronavirus?

  5. Carole Johnson says:

    I also have lost a tooth, others feel very loose and my mouth is full of ulcers all the time and sore.
    I had Covid at Christmas

  6. Kayla says:

    So I tested positive for Covid on Nov13 2020 my problem was a Sinsus infection. We’re it was girl I didn’t take any antibiotics for it til December I took 10 days of doxycycline. It didn’t clear it. It continued to get worse then in January I took 14 days of Augementin. Then last week my right temp and top teeth started hurting went to dentist this last Friday to find out I need 3 root canals on my teeth under my sinsus. I’m still struggling and it’s all covid related

  7. wendy delcid says:

    ested positive DEC 23 and mild symptoms I had lost taste and smell shortness of breath fatigue brain fog we are 2 1/2 and I completely lost my smell 2 weeks ago my mouth has burning numb sensation my neck is stiff brain fog I got a few days ago mild bell palsey can any one relate my salavia glands under tongue hurt also

    • Kellie says:

      Yes! Had covid in January and a month ago my neck began to hurt. Now my tongue has been feeling weird and my gland under my tongue on the left side hurts. My cheek bone and ear hurt as well but not constantly.

      • Sai Lakshmi says:

        How are you feeling now.

      • Calli says:

        My mouth is killme covid positive 1/3/22
        I have broke tooth near my right ear in back but my whole mouth is throbbing but that area with the broke tooth is killing me constantly idk what to do even jas my ear throbbing.
        May be able to get a dentist Tuesday ill be day 15

    • Jenelle Lea says:

      I haven’t recovered i still have fatigue brain foge and breathe less at time heart racing. It has . Tested positive on the 3rd January 2022 Then last night my teeth are bleeding and going black faster and there is same pain.And same days are worse than others. Same days I feel like right back at the start recovery is shit.

  8. Joanne says:

    I had a very mild case of COVID and afterwards my teeth felt very fuzzy and one tooth got very painful. I just had to get it pulled. I took some oral probiotics and now my teeth and gum are healthy and clean. I think COVID effects the microbiome. Get an oral probiotic ASAP. I used hyperbiotics Pro-Dental.


      How long did you take to recover with the pro biotic? I tested positive Jan 1st 2021. I started having swollen gums in early Feb. I went to dentist and they said they are seeing it a lot but my teeth looked good otherwise. Going into may and my gums were randomly bleeding when I was not even eating. I asked my medical Dr and he said this is very common and could last months. I am going to try this pro biotic. Thank you for sharing!!

  9. Pamela Welsh says:

    i have had 2 root fillings and gums swollen and bleeding had covid in march 2000 stilloff work

  10. Venkatesan says:

    I’m tested positive 10 days ago. Now controlled the virus but my upper tooth line is paining. Teeths are very weak & I’m fearing that some teeths would break any time. The gums are also very weak. Nobody responds. No physician to respond me. Very much worried.

    • Vetriselvi says:

      My husband also have the same problem…upper gum are have gum boils and broken to release pus and blood.after covid recovery after 20 days have the gum pain and headache.still can’t recovered.pls hepl me anyone

  11. Susan Roufberg says:

    Had covid Dec 30th . After diagnosed with tmd. Nerve pain in gums, developed 20 mouth sores in a month.! Dismissed from my 7 year long relationship with my .dentist, told it was anxiety, treated by dentist/ pero terrible. Always paid my bills always never got ugly with either one of them. Then Went to Duke received diagnosis shingles test positive , herpes 1 positive and told I am long hauler of post covid. My gums are still sore, nerve pain in mouth can hardly brush or floss. Cry everyday , Duke said have next sores outbreak swabbed then biopsied. Perio and Oral surgeon will not do it and refer me to oral medicine who is a teaching / educational center and they are teaching until Sept and cannot see me for a sore that developed again. . The pain from covid in my mouth and this treatment from specialists I do not understand! There is NO help. I have seen 15 dentists / specialists spent a small fortune. I live in a town 5 hours from Duke.

  12. Tricia L says:

    I just went to the dentist three weeks ago because my tooth broke. He did a xray and found 4 teeth broken. I have had three repaired and each time my gums are swollen from the freezing which never happened before

  13. CRYSTAL says:

    I just went to the dentist yesterday. I have only had 3 cavities my whole life and my dentist always tells me how good my teeth are and white. I don’t use anything on them but went to get one of cavities replaced and now they said I have a tooth that’s decaying and another cavities that looks like it’s pretty big. I literally just got Covid January 8th. Went thru heck with it. Couldn’t breathe unless I had an inhaler and lost smell and taste. I have always been full of energy. I don’t have near my energy anymore either. I still can’t go to the gym without an inhaler because walking more than 2 miles in an hour I’m done. People at my work are so surprised of my decline in health. Now my teeth. I went in March to have my X-rays of my teeth and cleaning and they said they looked good. How does it go from that to a tooth literally decaying and another cavity in 3 months?!?!? My dentist asked me if I’ve changed anything. I said nothing. Of all things I’ve always taken pride in my teeth and had so many compliments and now I am gonna have to have a tooth extracted and another cavity. I want to wait for a month before getting my cavity filled because I want to know in a month how much it changes and if I will need that one pulled too. I worked all thru Covid and now I’m paying for it out of my pocket and thru my health.

  14. Laura says:

    Hi symptoms started 17th July which I presumed was hayfever as it was exactly like that and laterals were negative. Tested positive 20th July. I have awful sinus pains particularly in my right side of my face up my nose and into to my temple. I also have toothache well actually teethache- multiple sore teeth and feels like irritated achy gums more so on the right side of.my face. I have no taste or smell and genuinely feel rubbish.

  15. DentalSave says:

    Insightful post indeed!
    In my opinion, With or without COVID, your oral wellbeing is something that you need to keep up with to prevent decay or the spread of sickness.

  16. Allison Hattingh says:

    I can honestly say that Covid has affected my teeth. The bottom left hand side of my mouth is SO sore, I’ve had to make a dentist appointment.

  17. CMiller says:

    I had Covid one month ago. Severe teeth pain started one week ago. Saw my dentist yesterday and I have a cracked molar that needs a crown. No decay or nerve/pulp damage though. The pain was so severe! Upper right side, into my face and ear even. My covid symptoms were all in my sinuses and loss of smell and taste. I had two doses of the Moderna vaccine back in march/april.

    My dentist kinda blew me off when I asked if it could be covid related. Maybe its not, but I have NEVER EVER had tooth pain like this before.

  18. brienne says:

    i am 14 and was diagnosed with covid today . and my teeth have been hurting for about 3 days . and i can’t chew really anything because they just hurt . idk if this is normal with covid but that’s what’s been happening to me <3.

    • Christina Haskell Montandon says:

      How did it turn out ? I hope you got help! You could of had sinus infection with Covid that can get really bad!

  19. Monica says:

    6 days into Covid diagnosis and today I noticed a small chip in my front tooth… Never had this before! Had to look this up amd I’m shocked and very disappointed ☹️

  20. Patty says:

    Tested positive for Covid and had a really bad night of fever of 103 for hours, I remember that night my teeth all were hurting. The next morning I woke up with a numb lower lip and swollen lower gum. Capped tooth hurt to put any pressure on it as well. Prior to Covid I have had no issues with tooth that had dental work done to it. After a few days of numb lip and gums and achy tooth everything just healed out of no where.

  21. Sheryle says:

    Yes so am currently on a steroid inhaler for sinus and neuproxin to manage pain in gums teeth and left nostril from the gp. I had covid a few weeks ago and the pain I my mouth is horrid. Will be booking in with dentist so see what’s going on. Am using a medicated mouthwash but my gums remain pulsing on the left side.

  22. Oh my gosh I have been dealing with dental pain for months and now I have had it again an I am dealing with mouth pain again, my tongue is so sore have the nasty taste in my mouth Like some of you the medical staff has not been very helpful
    Thank you for all your information It really only helpful place I have found

  23. Matt Fowler says:

    I had Covid three weeks ago. I look after my teeth but for the last week I have had a terrible numb pain in my upper teeth on the left hand side. My cheek and ear also hurt with a numb pain. I am due to attend my dentists next week. Hoping it’s just sensitive teeth but could it be Covid related? Thanks.

  24. Karen says:

    We had covid last week of August 21 , my symptoms where mainly sinus infection and pain but has left me with all teeth really tender and ulcers in roof of mouth , I am dental nurse so know how to clean my teeth well and have really good oral hygiene so there is no reason fir my tooth pain

  25. Joanna says:

    Our family had Covid back in July. My mom is still recovering and thought she was just about done with in home therapy and today her gums have swelled up horribly and she says it’s painful. Going to try to get her in with her dentists asap and her PCP but it’s crazy! She is super clean w her dentures and has never had any issues prior and it’s so weird that her gums and upper roof of mouth is so swollen. Hope someone finds some answears and helpful reminders soon! 🙁

  26. Jesse says:

    I have never been diagnosis with Covid, and I have had negative test. However, I thought I may have obtained Covid February of 2020. My teeth has tetracycline stains on them. I mention this year has been a year like not other for me.

    My teeth started hurting a few weeks after I received my second Pfizer shot back in may 2021. “Several” of them began hurting. One area for weeks at a time. The pain moved around. But I realize while it was excruciating something had to give. I read where you can take a mixture of salt and hydrogen peroxide and warm water as a mouthwash. I tried that and the pain significantly was reduced. My dentist looked at a tooth that have crowned, and he said that he saw decay in that tooth below the gum line, and it will have to be removed. Also I had to do a root canal on another tooth. My dentist gave me a prescription for an antibiotic, Clindamycin, Ibuprofen and Hydrocodone. I took everything on time for about 7 days four times a day. The Hydrocodone was taken at night to help me sleep. The pain was gone for two solid weeks. I even told this to my dentist during my root canal. I even canceled my extraction.

    But drove to my see my father 14 hours, and he was there in his house with a mask on telling me that his house help had not taking the Covid vaccine. My teeth started hurting again. I had plenty of Hydrocodone and Ibuprofen with me. I had to keep taking it even after I got back from the trip. I rescheduled my extraction. I ask my dentist for a subscription of Ibuprofen and Clindamycin again. I took only one tablet of ibuprofen with the Clindamycin and the pain went away. So much so that I have not taken another tablet of Ibuprofen for three days.

    I just wondering if that person had Covid and will Covid-19 get into your sinus cavity causing pain to your teeth.

  27. Mary Melissa Hands says:

    I had Breakthrough Covid and felt like I had a terrible sinus infection in the left side of my head. 7 weeks later I am now having terrible tooth pain and need Endodontic Surgery in the same location. I feel like I did when I had Covid. I thought I was crazy.

  28. Dianne Franklin says:

    I wish more was reported on the oral health effects of Covid. I had terrible teeth pain after testing positive. since then I have had two broken teeth, and required a deep cleaning. I need two extractions.. I am so sad that Covid affected my teeth, plus the expense of a bridge,this is all Covid related. The dentist need to be aware of this. I am a nurse, and Covid has affected my smell, taste, and well being!!

  29. Deb says:

    I had zero issues with my teeth for 62 years other than the odd filling. Covid 18 months ago and it is obviously a vascular problem for me affecting blood flow to various organs since. I am now suffering from FIVE split teeth. Two have been extracted and am hoping we can save the other three but that’s wishful thinking. Every dentist has decided I am a grinder yet I’ve never had that diagnosis before. Covid has certainly been a stressor but I have endured a brutal life so this is nothing new.

  30. Karhy says:

    I tested positive Nov 10th. I went to urgent care last night, the 29th, and I tested negative. Right now I have a stuffed up nose and my sense of taste comes and goes. My taste was altered before the stuffy nose. Is it a good sign that I can still smell and taste even if it’s off and I ?

  31. Roy says:

    It’s been months since I got the vaccine. Occasionally my mouth goes numb, no other side effects. Is there anything I should know?

  32. Peter says:

    I had COVID in September 2021. I was quite unwell for 2 weeks but as double vaccinated it was not too bad. My main complaint was very severe pain surrounding one tooth and gum in particular but I did not equate this with COVID as there was no obvious link. It is now December and the pain continues. I have now seen 3 dentists and none can find the exact problem. Can anyone else relate to this ?

  33. Shirley says:

    I had Covid in Nov. I had been fully vaccinated and boosted. Did not get awfully sick and was able to stay out of hospital. Had treatment with monoleum (sp.?) drip of antibodies. About two week later, got a tooth ache and moved up my dental appointment. Pain stopped but lost half of a tooth. Just broke off. Now my tongue is sore and mouth feels weird. Dentist found six cavities. I have always had my cleanings every six months and was told how good my teeth were. I want to know if Covid caused this or did the vaccinations cause the problem.

  34. Michael says:

    Me to pain started in my gum in the very back of my mouth 4days after testing positive and literally moved all along my gums top and bottom feels like all my teeth a rotting now and pain is very bad my teeth are always clean. I can’t even brush now the pain is to bad.

  35. michelle forbes says:

    Covid symptoms started on 12/26/2021. We had it really bad. My teeth started hurting 2 days into illness. They have not stopped. I can’t even chew anymore. Everything i drink has to be room temp and with a straw to try not to hit my teeth. This is awful.

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