Carestream Dental’s CS 8100 Family Continues to Surpass Significant Milestones

Carestream Dental’s most popular imaging system has done it again! In less than two years since exceeding the 10,000-units-sold mark, the 20,000th unit of the CS 8100 Family was shipped in July 2018.

Within those two years, the compact, award-winning family of imaging systems, which includes the CS 8100, the CS 8100 3D and the CS 8100SC, grew to include a fourth system, the CS 8100SC 3D. The CS 8100SC 3D was honored with an Edison Award in the spring of 2018 for its innovation.

“What makes the CS 8100 Family so popular is its versatility,” Philippe Maillet, the global general manager of Carestream Dental’s equipment business, said. “No matter what a doctor’s needs—panoramic imaging, CBCT, scanning cephalometric imaging, object scanning or maybe all four—there’s a system within the CS 8100 Family that is perfect for their practice.”

All four systems are known for their imaging quality, speed and compact size. In fact, the CS 8100, first launched in 2012, earned six international clinical and design awards within its first year on the market. As for speed, the CS 8100SC and CS 8100SC 3D can capture cephalometric images in just three seconds*, making them one of the fastest scanning cephalometric imaging systems available. Additionally, Flash Scan mode, a feature of the 3D units, captures images in seconds to reduce dose and risk of blurred images. The small footprint of CS 8100 Family units—even with the addition of a cephalometric arm—makes the systems compatible with practices of all sizes, so doctors can provide exceptional imaging and diagnoses no matter what their office’s square footage.

“You can actually track significant shifts in the industry by the number of CS 8100 units on the market,” Ed Shellard, D.M.D., chief dental officer, Carestream Dental, said. “For GPs making their foray into digital, there’s the CS 8100. The CS 8100 3D is particularly popular with endodontists as CBCT becomes the standard of care in that field. For orthodontists looking to take advantage of CBCT, the CS 8100SC 3D offers both 3D and essential cephalometric imaging—even object scanning for digitizing stone models. These are all growing trends we’ve been seeing in oral healthcare.”

Continual enhancements to software and the ability to upgrade or add onto any of the units also contribute to the CS 8100 Family’s popularity. It’s a reflection of Carestream Dental’s commitment to provide value to doctors through complementary equipment and software. Essentially, the CS 8100 Family is able to grow with a doctor’s practice as they expand the services they offer.

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*For 18 x 24cm image in fast scan mode