Dental Trends Set to Change How We Care for Our Teeth in 2019

Americans want more from their dental care — from technological advances that make it easier to have a great smile, to realistic options for making dental care more affordable. As an advocate for affordable dental care, is helping consumers prepare for, and navigate, the changes we’ll see in 2019, as the dental industry starts to respond to consumer demand with virtual worlds, robo dentists and new dental plans — to name a few.

“Anything that makes quality dental care more accessible, and affordable, is a good thing,” says Bill Chase, senior vice president of marketing at “And with new innovative treatments, virtual doctors and new ways to save on your dental care, 2019 will be a great year for consumers to take control of their oral and overall health, without breaking the bank.”

2019 Dental Trends:

The Rise of Robo Dentists: From 3D printed replacement jaws to China’s efforts to address the lack of dentists in the country by using robotic dentists that can perform sophisticated procedures, dental care will continue to lead the way in healthcare technology.

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