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Dentists Being Advised to Charge Patients for Increased Use of PPE

October 26, 2020
by CityNews

The pandemic may make your next visit to the dentist a little more expensive with a surcharge added to your bill to cover the cost of masks, gowns and other personal protective equipment.

The Ontario Dental Association says its giving members the option of charging patients between $8 and $18 per appointment to help defray these additional costs.

ODA President Dr. Lesli Hapak says one of her colleagues found that other professionals are doing the same thing.

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6 Comments » for Dentists Being Advised to Charge Patients for Increased Use of PPE
  1. Silvia+Butterman says:

    I strongly believe that this it is gouging people for something that was in a routine before this pandemic. Patients are not going to go to the Dentist that are charging this extra cost . It is not worth to loose patients and I have seen this already . Patients are already short of funds, lost their job and insurance coverage and on top this , I find this a robbery as well as extremely greedy and condescending. Please think twice at what you want to implement that can cost you thousands of $ . Sars and H1N1 was almost the same and if you followed the protocol then, today it is a bit more but in reality not more in cost.
    If I was to be charge this and was not able to , I would change and forgo going all together. Think of the people that do not have a well paying job or economic situation
    It is better to give a little and then feel the legacy you are leaving behind once you either sell and retire. o Or no longer alive.

  2. Jane Lessard says:

    I feel this is taking advantage of customers. Are these disposable gowns? If not and they can be reused after washing why are people getting charged. It is the cost of doing business while still limiting services. Someone is abusing the system yet again and at the expense of the general public!!

  3. Nora says:

    I need to agree that this is patient gouging. Using patients to recoup one’s losses is selfish and inconsiderate. Being a senior citizen and living on a very limited income does not allow me to recoup my losses in my savings during Covid. My working days have been over for year’s whereas a Dentist has many years ahead to restore.
    Besides, it was routine to sterilize instruments, wear gloves and a mask
    prior to Covid. Charging $15.00 for PPE per visit by adding a gown and wiping equipment and whatever else is needed appears to be extensive.
    I would think that during one day of many patients would provide a nice little profit.
    There are many people suffering with lack of finances and unemployment during Covid and Dental work is not a luxury for many people but a necessity.
    I think Dentists that are charging should reconsider.
    It seems that kindness doesn’t always exist in a Covid environment.

  4. Dot says:

    It is not right for clients to be charged that they can afford to pay for themselves. Seniors are becoming the majority, and many on fixed incomes. Students already have enough costs in many ways, many are without work and now you want to add additional charges? This is not kindness during a time when we should be thinking about others. As mentioned above, if dentist wish to keep their clients and have an income themselves, then paying for ‘PPE’ should be cancelled.

  5. Brigitte Zwarych says:

    I would think that dentists would use any and all PPE related items as a business expense. As far as I’m concerned, this is double dipping.

  6. Soccorso gallucci says:

    I find this extra cost of PPE to us patients absolutely disgusting .
    It doesn’t even cost £5 for an apron and gloves let alone a mask

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