Dentsply Sirona Laser Days: International exchange on modern laser dentistry

Dental lasers enhance comfort and versatility in dental treatment. At this year’s third annual “Laser Days,” Dentsply Sirona again offered 52 international laser users and scientists from 21 countries an ideal platform for exchanging ideas and experiences. Besides offering various experiences with the SIROLaser Blue, the two-day event also focused on new application capabilities of the 445 nm wavelength laser.

Dental diode lasers are highly rated due to largely scar-free wound healing and a greater reduction in microbial load. With the development of SIROLaser Blue, users can now choose between three diodes: blue, red and infrared, with which more than 20 indications can be treated. Particularly the blue wavelength at 445 nm offers a number of treatment advantages, such as working in non-contact mode for surgical procedures. Participants of the Dentsply Sirona Laser Days were given a detailed presentation of the experiences of blue diode users to date, and how the wavelength will be used more effectively still in the future. A total of 52 experts from 21 countries were in attendance from September, 29 to October 1 at the Hotel Bachmair at Lake Tegernsee, in Germany. Here they had the opportunity to listen to numerous presentations and take part in workshops focusing on the various treatment options with dental lasers. Participants also enjoyed personal contact with each other: Particularly the Bavarian-themed evening meal on the second day and the generally relaxed atmosphere of the event made were highly conducive to networking and further strengthening the international laser dentistry community.

“We aim to offer all those interested the most complete insight possible into the latest research issues in connection with laser dentistry. This is why, on the Friday, we invited attendees to the come to the 25th annual congress of the German Society of Laser Dentistry”, explained Jan Siefert, Group Vice President Instruments at Dentsply Sirona. A number of highly respected experts from all over the world spoke on subjects inspired by the theme: “From the roots to new horizons”. Dr. Carlo Francesco Sambri used his workshop to introduce participants to the practical use of the multiple wavelengths of the SIROLaser Blue. Besides the clinical indications, he also addressed the use of laser to preparing to take impressions with CEREC.


Maximum treatment versatility with the blue wavelength
Attendees at the Laser Days event also enjoyed an extensive program of activities with a clinical focus on the Saturday – the emphasis here was on the use of the blue diode with 445 nm in practices. In addition to the latest study results on the general use of the blue diode (Prof. Dr. Andreas Braun, Marburg), Dr. Dr. Günther Baptist Heymann and others presented results specifically related to wound healing following gingival treatment with the blue laser light: Thanks to the higher rate of absorption of the blue diode in soft tissue, the laser beam does not penetrate so far into the tissue which, in turn, reduces the risk of unintentional injuries. This results in precise, atraumatic surgical interventions, which were also discussed in other expert talks. Dr. Ivan Katalinic (Zagreb, Croatia) demonstrated how the laser can be successfully used for implantology using clinical examples.

The program of the 3rd International Dentsply Sirona Laser Days was rounded off with a workshop at which participants discussed the future of laser dentistry.

In the future, too, interested dentists will be able to find out more about the very latest laser dentistry trends via the Dentsply Sirona Laser platform. The integrated laser forum also provides plenty of opportunities to engage in direct discussion with other colleagues who are also keen laser users: