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Dr. Martin Schwarz Launches Bioscaling, A Revolutionary Dental Cosmetic To Tackle Tartar Build-up

July 8, 2019
by Dr. Martin Schwarz

Dr. Martin Schwarz – the oral care brand of LDK GmbH, that believes in the importance of healthy gums and a white smile, launches Bioscaling – an innovative, first of its kind dental gel.

Bioscaling is an innovative antibacterial product designed for independent oral hygiene sessions easily carried out at home. Bioscaling gel removes undesired microorganisms and bacteria from the teeth surface, liquidates dental plaque and restores the oral cavity’s natural pH level. Its unique proportions of active ingredients remove biofilm from users teeth and as a result prevent formation of dental calculus. Regular application of Bioscaling allows for avoiding unpleasant tartar removal procedure – commonly performed with the help of professionals in dental clinics.

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