FDI Puts Focus on Global Prevention of Periodontal Disease

FDI World Dental Federation published two resources – a white paper and a practical guide – as part of its Global Periodontal Health Project (GPHP), which aims to bring attention to periodontal health as a priority area for policy worldwide.

“Periodontal disease – or gum disease as it is often better known – is one of the most common diseases affecting up to 50% of the adult population worldwide,” said Dr Kathryn Kell, FDI President. “This should not be taken lightly, especially since we know it has a significant relationship with other health conditions. We must pursue prevention strategies that are promoted by oral health and general health professionals alike.”

The White Paper on Prevention and Management of Periodontal Diseases for Oral Health and General Health provides oral health professionals with a comprehensive – yet concise – summary of the main issues related to the global prevalence and impacts of periodontal disease.

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