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GC America Inc. to Host Free Online Bioactive Dentistry Symposium

August 12, 2020
by GC America Inc.

GC America will be hosting a free Bioactive Dentistry Symposium on August 21, 2020, starting at 9:00 A.M. CDT. All dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants are invited to join minimally invasive dentistry experts, Dr. Jeremy Horst, Dr. Jeanette MacLean, and Dr. Douglas A. Young for a seminar on “A New Era of Bioactive Restoratives.” This trio of dentists have pioneered minimally invasive techniques and will share how to optimize the latest materials and techniques for the modern clinical practice.

The major focus of this free seminar will be on getting the most use out of Glass Hybrids, Glass Ionomers, Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF), strip crowns, remineralization materials and Hall crowns, for both dental caries and molar-incisor hypo-mineralization (MIH). Presenters will focus on the mechanisms and supporting evidence underlying this revolution in dentistry. Attendees will learn how to explain the caries process and perform proper caries risk assessment, with a discussion on treatment options, including when to treat chemically versus surgically. Additionally, participants will leave knowing how to talk to patients about simple and effective strategies, beyond just brushing and flossing, to prevent and
control caries.

For more information on “A New Era of Bioactive Restoratives,” please visit www.gcamerica.com/new-era or email continuingeducation@gcamerica.com

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