Glidewell to Preview Intelligent, All-Access Digital Dentistry

Glidewell Intelligent Manufacturing (IM) Creates More Accurate BruxZir® Restorations with Greater Speed and Quality; No Clinical Equipment Upgrades Necessary

Glidewell, a global leader in dental innovation and laboratory services, will preview a revolutionary new development in custom restoration manufacturing at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting in Chicago, IL, Feb. 20-22, 2020.

Glidewell Intelligent Manufacturing (IM) propels the design and manufacturing of dental restorations forward by replacing error-prone analog tools with artificial intelligence, CT scanning and robotic process automation. Implementation of next-generation digital technology has resulted in an unparalleled improvement in service and consistency: more accurate crown designs in highly biocompatible BruxZir® Solid Zirconia material delivered faster and with more consistent quality than ever before. 


Glidewell IM essentially delivers all-access digital dentistry. Whether or not a dental professional’s office is equipped with common digital dentistry tools, he or she can benefit from Glidewell IM’s improved speed, accuracy and consistency. Conventional dental impressions submitted to Glidewell are digitized through CT scanning, and resulting restorations are designed and manufactured based on that significantly more accurate digital impression. Alternatively, dentists who have already embraced digital dentistry submit impressions taken with an intraoral scanner, and that digital impression serves as the basis for restoration designs.


One of the most striking results of the Glidewell IM breakthrough is the elimination of plaster models as the basis for crown design. This plaster process, while familiar, introduces error and inaccuracy to crown design before digitization, and thereby, erodes precision throughout design and manufacturing. Conversely, Glidewell IM leverages a process called the Virtual Plaster Experience (VPX), during which a three-dimensional digital model is constructed based on a CT scan of the patient’s impression. VPX achieves in roughly 40 seconds what takes technicians working with plaster about five hours—and the output is significantly more accurate. Additionally, the custom digital models are stored in the cloud, eliminating the unnecessary waste of stone models while preserving information required for remakes in the event of loss or damage.

About Glidewell

Glidewell is among the world’s largest providers of custom restorative services and is recognized as an industry-leading materials and devices manufacturer. Established in 1970 in Orange County, California, Glidewell continues to build on its storied history of technological innovation, continuing education and a commitment to making comprehensive, high-quality treatment more accessible to patients in the U.S. and internationally. For more information, visit

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