Guelph Dentist Hosts Annual Free Dentistry Day to Help Community Members in Need

Bisson Dentistry is on a mission to help everyone in Guelph smile with confidence, and this mission extends beyond general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. In addition to award winning service, Dr. Bisson and his team host an annual free dentistry day.

“We wanted our event to have a unique, local focus,” says Jennifer Dunsmoor, Community Leader. “To promote the day we source all our t-shirts, pins, banners, pens, etc. from local businesses.”

When Bisson Dentistry launched free dentistry day, they thought they would be helping the underserved population. While the underserved are assisted by the program, the team quickly realized that much of need was from seniors on a fixed income, parents that prioritize their children’s dental care over their own and those working without benefits or money left over after bills for dental care.

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