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HealthyStart™ Brings ‘Open Airway Dentistry Solution’ to Canada for Pediatric Treatment

January 2, 2018
by HealthyStart™

HealthyStart™ by Ortho-Tain® Reaching 120,000 North American Dentists with a 3-part series of articles in 2018, brings digital on-line course work, live webinars, certification to treat and live 2-day training lectures in several key Canadian cities.

Canadian Orthodontists have for several decades and with near exclusivity, treated children with the HealthyStart™ System of orthodontic/orthopedic oral appliances to comprehensively correct improper habits and permanently improve the health of the child.   That is about to expand to thousands of dentists and the communities they serve.

‘LISA’ A Portrait Study of the SDB Child for the first 2018- ORAL HEALTH Cover Story. What does this portrait tell you- the doctor? Look carefully at every detail. Then, find out on a live webinar, January 10th. Read the full article in the January publication, as the inventor sites a 50-year journey treating over 3.5 million children in 43 countries. http://www.healthystartwebinar.com/medical-webinar-presentations/

About HealthyStart™.  Steeped in research, peer reviewed publications and 514 patents, this first article may challenge conventional wisdom in child rearing methods and beliefs.  The health stakes are high and consequences of not treating as an option, will be quickly dismissed as unthinkable. Because- once you know this, you can’t un-know it.   Education is key for parents, educators and all manner of child care professional.

The second article, later this spring, introduces the cutting-edge approach to straightening teeth with guided appliance eruption.  While correcting oral habits with night-time wear, the first appliance, the Habit-Corrector® retrains the tongue posture for a more natural and healthy promoter of nasal breathing.  Straight teeth are then ushered in with the next, in the progressive G-series of appliances designed to guide newly erupting teeth into a Class I Occlusion.  Straight Teeth-No Braces?  Yes-frequently, if treatment is started early and with compliance.

‘World Changer, Earl O. Bergersen, DDS, MSD, ABO, produced and consistently expanded the profound benefits of restoring healthy oral habits with the exacting propriety appliance technology of our generation.  From cause to consequence, clinical illustrations and numbers derived from published and un-published studies, reveal that millions of children are challenged with at least one outward symptom of SDB, while the average is near 7 symptoms.

The 2018 Dental Agenda, internationally lifts the bar in elevating every progressive practice to prominence, leading in the all-important sphere of sleep and airway.   The ADA, has a new statement that defines the role of the dentist to include the evaluation of young children for Growth and Development, Sleep and Airway Health.  The ADA also acknowledges the need for continuing education and training with responsibility taken by doctors and their staffs to become trained and certified where needed, to provide treatment.  HealthyStart™ brings multiple education and training options to Canada from on-line course work to live international lectures and seminars.

Do not miss the opportunity to connect this initial article to the information shared on January 10th.   For your first CE Credit of 2018 and a glimpse of a life-changing treatment in Open Airway Dentistry, register now.

Join the HealthyStart™ for The Open Airway Dentistry Solution

REGISTER TODAY: http://www.healthystartwebinar.com/medical-webinar-presentations/

*We will evaluate ‘LISA’ on a Free Introduction 1 CE Credit webinar: January 10rd. At 8pm Central Time


Kathie Turner

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